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Out guest this evening is Tom Carroll, Author of, The Oracle Guidance for Growing a Soul." Tonight, Tom and I will be discussing, Something Tom calls, The Ten Project which he claims is a method for developing surrender in an individual and the only way to achieve genuine agreement between any two or more persons at the same time. Tom claims that surrender and agreement are essential for creating an opening for Transcendent powers as well as life - even world changing wisdom. These ingredients, Surrender and agreement, brought together in this way has never never been done before - at least no record of the event or memory can be found. The Ten Project is the subject of a book Tom is currently writing. The intention of A Ten Project event is to safely release wisdom and healing energy far beyond anything previously seen in the earth. The Ten Project, rooted as it is, in Perennial Wisdom, offers a solution to present political as well as individual and interpersonal chaos. Ancient scriptures tell us that we will parish if we loose our vision - not our eyesight - but vision - principles and ideas that bind the family of man together - principles so badly needed at this time when nations and the people who they are composed of are confused and seemingly irreparably divided. Join us for this special evening and an invitation to participate in; The Ten Project! Tom Carroll 541-910-6150
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The Mind Health Coach with Leah Marie Eliminating Blocks to Joy and Well-being. Fear based thinking is what sets us up for stressful experiences that distract us from our personal goals, happiness and ultimately our life purpose. In... more

Today we will be doing live readings form the FIFTH ELEMENT TAROT. send in questions or join us live at 1-347-838-9147

(Thursday 4-16-15, 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM, EDT) on Blogtalk Radio Joining us will be Dr. Craig Wright - numerologist, author, and metaphysic, discussing how numbers, tie in to current events. Dr. Wright will also discuss what numbers say about... more

Dr. Elle McDonald PhD Dr. Elle McDonald will be my guest. She has developed a program called Stress Ace Yoga which targets the need for stress release. We will be able to get her perspective on personal transformation and the dynamics... more

This Tax Day, Wednesday, April 15, 2015, from 7-8pm, C.S.T., we welcome back one of your favorites, Ms. Laurel Herman, with an excerpt from her book, ?The Inner Kitchen!? The Inner Kitchen is all about a Spiritual food preparation... more

Tom Carroll. The Author of "The Oracle Guidance for Growing a Soul". We will discuss the TEN PROJECT - - a proven method of bringing the minds of two or more people together for Exponentially multiplying the Resultant Power... more

The I Am Well Show of april 14 at 9.00PM EST will be all about dealing with blockages, fears, emotions, pain, etc. that get in the way of being your Self. Why is it that we have fears, how do emotions and memories play a part in that,... more

Hello Everyone it's Cosmic Contacts time. Get ready for an exciting show, my 'special' guest Charles Rubin will be offering Channeled Numerology. His readings are powerful, positive and accurate, a blue print for life. Charles is a Published... more

The Jenn Royster Show Title: Spring Detox and Your Energy Field Your host Dr Jenn Royster shares her expertise on why your personal energy field self care is important and tips on how you can clear yourself of energetic toxic debris.... more

The show will take an investigative look at how the Soul Music era is effecting the R&B/Hip Hop era of today. It will look at how some of the young writers artists and producers are following in some of the great talents of the Soul Era foot steps... more
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