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    Supreme Diva : Y'all Not Ready For Her

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    Tune in THIS THURSDAY (8/29/2013)@ 11:30 Pm EST, 10:30 PM CST for "Supreme Diva: Y'all Not Ready For Her" Join us in the Chatroom @ www.blogtalkradio.com/knowurenemy OR CALL in @ (917)889-3369 and Press #1 to speak w/Supreme Diva (the true Queen of SSBBW ).
    Supreme Diva will be going in LIVE on Deep, Dark, n Dirty. Letting us know how everything is going for her in the PLUS Size Industry w/ Adult Entertainment. She'll be RELEASING her newest Single entitled "Supreme Diva" first TIME EVER HEARD on Deep, Dark, n Dirty. And she'll let you know the REAL DEAL  on what's going on with BBWs&SSBBWs in the adult industry. You'll definitely want to tune in to  hear this SUPREME  SSBBW GODDESS Supreme Diva
    You can connect w/ Supreme Diva @
    Face Book: Supreme Diva
    Instagram: Supremediva1
    Twitter: supremeDiva1

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    Live interview,sit-downs, some of the greatest minds that is real and down to earth. Topic of discussions. Getting people to achieve and believe. The King's Court is different and fresh. Come promote your book to hundreds of listeners and get yourself known. Sit with me on the King's Court

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    in Relationships

    This show is an opportunity for our young adults ages 13-25 to openly discuss drinking drugs sex peer pressure and growing up without parents.

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    In This Moment

    in Self Help

    Whereever I am in this moment, I just go live on the internet for 30 minutes so that if my daughter ever needs to know what her mother does or why, she can listen in on my flow of thoughts everyweek (or everytime I log in!).

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    Coming announcements for this week!

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    Sharon Birkman Fink: The Birkman Method: Personality At Work

    in Business

    Leadership trainer, President and CEO Of Birkman International, and co-author of The Birkman Method: Your Personality At Work, Sharon Birkman Fink describes the Birkman Method of personality assessment and how to discover the underlying drives and inspirations to achieve your own success. Sharon Birkman Fink presents a personality assessment tool that goes far beyond the usual tools that help you discover basic truths about yourself, and how to leverage those strengths and behaviors in your career. Sharon offers the Method as one that is inclusive, rather than one that screens out diversity. Sharon also dispenses with the myth that certain jobs and industries should seek only one type of personality. Sharon demonstrates how the Birkman Method helps build teams, and how to match people to specific roles within that team. Learn how to utilize personality traits and strengths to build leadership, boost careers, and improve overall organizational performance.

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    Why have a radio show?

    in Podcasting

    The real answer is: why not?
    Tonight, we'll discuss what some people are using their own radio show for, what it could be used for, and why some people use it more for therapeutic purposes.
    We'll also talk about etiquette, a few tips and tricks, and other helpful tidbits.  New Introduction by Washington Capitals arena announcer Wes Johnson!

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    Five types of messages we get from the past, ground and sky.
    Stones, Artifacts, Crop Circles and Signs in the Sky and ARCHIVES.  The Bible is one such archive of the experiences of certain bloodlines who made inter-dimensional contact their serious business.
    "Let us make Man in our image and after our Likeness" is not about a MONOTHEIC GOD FIGURE.
    He had company; and His company became our company.
    With the end of the Mayan Calender in 2012 and of the Galactic year on June 26, 2013, a whole new dispensation is at work on our planet.
    But as usual, it's kept secret by our Conquerors, the Annunaki.
    Translators such as Zecharia Sitchin have brought Sumerian records to life, in addition to the Egyptian and Mayan stone pictographs.  And we can now learn what happened long before the bible was written.
    Why secret?
    Because they're gone from their planet. A flood like Noah's obliterated Annunaki society early spring of this year. There are very few remaining on Nibiru.
    We have photo evidence of Annunaki ships, and I have placed a couple hundred photos of the Nibiru surface--flooded and iced over as it is--at this link:
    Nibi is on the other side of our chemtrailed sky, that's where it is.
    ET are telepathic and verbal. Prophecy is what people hear when they listen telepathically to the Deities in Less Dense Frequencies. Scripture is Prophecy recorded in writing ... at the time.  It changes. Religion is the service to Prophecy which other telepaths perform in order to become competent and Eternal souls. And so it is.  Let's share what we hear and know.

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    How To Start A Business For $10 part 1

    in Business

    Mic Dotcom speaks about starting a business for $10. This show is for those wannting more information about starting a real online business and for those wanting to put their existing business online. Join Us Live....

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    Google+ for Business

    in Business

    Are you using Google+ yet? It's growing and more and more small business owners are finding it very beneficial to their business. In this episode I'll give you some tips to getting started with Google+.
    Google+ also offers business pages, but you need a personal profile first, so that's where we'll start, your personal profile.

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    Empowering Women of Color with Ola Jackson

    in Lifestyle

    Ola R. Jackson talks Empowering Women of Color.
    Ola R. Jackson is the CEO and founder of OWN: Onyx Woman Network, Media for Women of Color. OWN: Onyx Woman Network consist of a business magazine that focuses on financial empowerment, career advancement, entrepreneurial development and wellness. We are also creating an online radio talk show.
    Ola will share her expertise on how women of color can be empowered in the 21st century.

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    The Business Forum Show - Kevin Hunter and David Ford

    in Business

    What is the most incredible phase in the Cycle of Change? It's the Chaos step. Most businesses reach this step, and then turn around and try to go back to the previous status quo. That's a huge mistake. Once you've reached the chaos step in the cycle of change, you are just one step away from a new status quo... the very status you need to build an amazing future. So, don't lose heart! Push through the Chaos to a NEW STATUS QUO!

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