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Are you a Christian who is called to be an Entrepreneur? Are you called to run for profit companies that fund the kingdom? Join me as we show you how to reclaim your birthright to success in business as an Entrepreneur, home based business owner or even if you are just looking to add a few dollars to your income each month.

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Last week, Matt posted a blog on "A Story Of Two Believers" it detailed out the story of two young men who comes to know Christ and how their lives played out, asking at the end, who is the better Christian. As you can imagine, it sparked a... more

Do you feel afraid that you screwed up your future success in business because you've made mistakes, had failures, or made poor decisions in the past? Do you believe that you've disqualified yourself from your "destiny"? Do you doubt... more

This week we hit the mail bag and share our observations from Easter weekend. Plus, how do you be a 'good christian' and a good business person, with all the unethical business dealings in the world?

On this show, we are privileged to have on as our guest, Jim Robbins, author of the book, Recover Your Good Heart. We have enjoyed Jim's writings, podcasts, and interviews in the past, and we're excited to have him speak with us on the... more

Long for a safe place where you can be real with fellow business owners, entrepreneurs or neighbors? Then join us as we interview co-author of Bo's Cafe - Bruce McNicol. We'll discuss his wonderful book Bo's Cafe and the work he does... more

A big challenge in a Kingdom Business is how to walk out 'planning' and living by the promptings of the Holy Spirit. In our journey, we realize more and more that living without a script in Kingdom Business is actually more profitable

Don Smith, the man behind joins Matt to discuss how the love of Christ has led him to pour into breaking the cycle of poverty in Africa. Don, a former 'pastor', turned Entrepreneur will go into detail on his work... more

Dr. Bruce Cook, Matt Gillogly and Bob Regnerus discuss the upcoming Kingdom Economic Summit in Denver, CO, the first week of February. Plus what God has been up to with those who've attended the past Summits.

Each week Bill, Bob and Matt pull back the rough outer layer of religion and business to get at the tender heart of God and the entrepreneur. You'll hear us dive into everyday topics faced by Kingdom Entrepreneurs and how to bring... more

Bob Regnerus joins us after being away for 3 weeks. Listen in as you hear Bob share how God is answering his prayers from 3 years ago in this season being out of the company day to day grind. Plus, get Matt and Bills own stories... more