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I'll go over the articles I never got to read and analyze, maybe take calls

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Sinead and Lori get together to discuss the multi billion dollar cancer industry, and how the allopathic treatment route of chemo-therapy, radiation, and surgery is not only costing people money, but also costing their lives. Lori bravely shares her... more

Alternative Solutions for European Problems Kyle is joined by Lana Lokteff from Red Ice Creations for a discussion of her experiences growing up, the factors that helped shape her worldview, her work with Radio 3Fourteen, how she thinks... more

Hosts and callers discuss what's on their minds.

the General is at it again laying out battle plans and strategies to conquer the world

Tess Culnane is the current Organiser for the National Front in London. She was formerly an assistant to Richard Barnbrook at the Greater London Assembly (GLA). A former NF Candidate for the GLA herself, Tess is an active Nationalist... more

Tonight I will talk about a plethora of topics including the recent verdict on the Varg Vikernes trial, racist dress codes, the mythology of "Tyr", and much more. Calls will be taken throughout the show, so feel free to join in.

Shannon and Sinead get together to discuss ways to become more self sufficient by making your own products, healing without doctors, and living off the land.

Kyle discusses The Illegal Invasion of America, jewish support for ?immigration reform? (aka White genocide), Faceberg and, Kyle's new policy of fwd.israel, Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground's move above ground,... more

Nick Spero of Circus Maximus guest hosts the Roundtable.

Tonight I'll be addressing the accusations and personal drama leveled against me by a former host. I'll also take the opportunity to invoke the revolutionary spirit of Americans and encourage them to resist assimilation and become racial... more
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