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On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by Rudy Stanko, author of The Score. Rudy and I will be discussing his book and professional/business experience in the beef industry in the Midwest, including his persecution by the Jewish mafia destroying America. Calls are welcome!
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Tune in for a lively discussion of the important issues.

In the WildCard show tonight I'm going to tell you that your "White Privilege" is worth protecting. Among other things we're going discuss some of my experiences with this idea of "White Privilege" and its historical absurdity. "White Privilege"... more

On this edition of TCTA, Shaun will be speaking with Dr. Rebecca Carley about the poisons in vaccines, as well as the dangers of mainstream medications. Dr. Carley has been a guest on the broadcast a few times already and Shaun's... more

Dissecting the inconsistencies of the Black Lives Matter movement, and the systemic projecting of their own problems onto white society.

On this coming edition of TCTA, Shaun will speak with Lee Rogers of the Daily Slave, about a great many subjects, including some of the articles over there and also on the Renegade Tribune. Join us Ladies and Gents. Become a part of... more

Kyle speaks to Dr. James Sears, founder and leader of the New Constitution Party of Canada and editor of Your Ward News. Topics include: the newspaper and its mission, hate laws in Canada, handling the jewish issue, multicultural... more

A great many things to discuss here on the Renegade Round Table tonight, as we move further into the age of jewocracy. The smell of kosher pretzels and beer is in the air as Shaun takes the reigns for this evenings broadcast, where... more

Tonight I will talk about the cuckservatives and the "Trump Paradox." Also I might do a little hating on the "rednecks", but if you're a southerner, don't take it too seriously, because I'm probably not talking about you. Calls are encouraged!

On this coming edition of TCTA, Shaun will speak with Dr. Rebecca Carley about the dangers of vaccines in hour 1. In hour 2, he will speak with a gentleman listener that wishes to speak about transhumanism. Join us for the live... more

I will be breaking down the so-called scandal known as Watergate. The discussion will include the break in, the Bay of Pigs fiasco, the JFK assassination, and more.
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