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Tonight I will be giving my thoughts on what I feel is most important. I will lay out what I truly believe, and give you my honest perspective on our struggle as a whole. Calls will be taken in the later half of the second hour.

Tonight we will continue where we left off on the topic of Rome. Callers welcome and appreciated throughout the broadcast.

For the latest in world events and Renegade drama, tune into the best roundtable on the planet. Join the hosts and callers and let your voice be heard.

Kyle's guest is Olaf Childress, publisher of The First Freedom newspaper. The discussion will center around Olaf's many years of dedicated activism, our current racial struggle, the need for quality alternative media, the legacy of the... more

Tonight, John Kaminski of will be the guest. Kaminski bio — 4/2/14 John Kaminski is a former newspaper editor who quit the newspaper business for good, right when he realized how news... more

Tonight I will be joined by my guest Nick from Circus Maximus, and we will be discussing the Council for National Policy, Christian Zionism, and many other topics pertaining to the "Right Wing" of American Politics. Your calls will be taken... more

The Roman Empire. It's creation, growth and legacy. Join me inside the igloo tonight for a look at this significant and inspiring European culture. We will also look into judaic dissent in the Roman empire, as well as the hebraic... more

Host(s) and callers discuss the important issues. Let your voice be heard in this open forum.

White Lightning Kyle takes on the anti-White administration, deconstructing their sinister revolutionary agenda, exposing their criminality, revealing their weaknesses, and proposing a path toward a brighter future. Calls are... more

Tonight I will cover the corruption of K street in D.C., the district of criminals. Plus news stories and your phone calls.
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