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Paul Interviews Konstantins Pupurs. He is a board member of the National Alliance - all for Latvia Party. Konstantins is Political Scientist, Historian and Linguist. He graduated from Massachusetts State University in Boston in 1999, and in 2003 obtained his Masters Degree from London School of Economics in Russian and Post Soviet Studies. Prior to that he was studying at the Moscow Institute of History and Archives between 1983 - 1986. In 1986 he was excluded from the educational institution for anti Soviet agitation and propaganda. He continued his studies at Latvia State University until he was expelled from the Country in July 1988 for participating in the Anti Communist Resistence Movement. The most Latvian of Holidays - Ligo! Ligo performed by 15,000 Latvian's
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Join me tonight for another trip to the Great White North. We will discuss a variety of issues, and possibly conclude our discussion on jewish influence in television and other forms of pop media. Callers welcome throughout as usual.

Heks and Sinéad discuss our loss of Aryan tradiitons, and our need to bring them back whilst tailoring them to our current times.

Renegade hosts and callers get together to discuss the important topics.

Turning The Tide Against The Enemy Kyle deals with some relevant issues, including infiltration and subversion, reactionary radicalism, and raising White consciousness to a higher level. Callers are more than welcome, but trolls will... more

The ridiculous state of alternative media. From trolls to paid SPLC hate mongers, to uneducated goof balls. Plus a new episode of the alcoholics corner and great gourmet recipes. Be there!!!

The Wildcard Show.

Start your week off right with a trip inside the igloo. Tonight on the show we will discuss the longstanding relationship between man's best friend, and the races of the world. Callers wecome and appreciated throughout the program.

Hex and Sinéad plan to discuss the link between rising rates of 'Shaken Baby Syndrome', 'Sudden Infant Death Syndrome' and vaccination reactions. Are parents being wrongly accused of hurting their babies? They also plan to discuss... more

Renegade hosts get together to take calls and discuss the important issues.
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