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Tonight, join an Observer as we discuss what constitutes the soul, lifeforce, spark, and heart of the European man and woman. We discuss "What is it to be White/European/Caucasian?" Your calls are always welcome and encouraged.

An interview with Keith Axon Keith was the first West Midlands Regional Organiser when John Tyndall formed the British National Party in 1982. After building up his region over many years, Keith was the Election Agent of the... more

Tonight I will be discussing Feisal Abdul Rauf also know as, ?that muzztard that wanted to build a mosque at ground zero.? I will show how Islam and Judaism are combining forces to undermine the west, Islamic Nationalphobia, and touch on a... more

This tribute to the pro-White defense attorney Edgar J. Steele includes some of the hero's "nickel rants", coverage of his show trial, an interview from prison, and news of his death on September 4th, 2014.

The Art of Genocide Kyle's guest is artist Charles Krafft. Topics include: Charles's artwork, his awakening, the Jewish question, the genocide of European peoples, the European Union and Count Richard N. Coudenhove Kalergi, Practical... more

Renegade hosts and listeners get together to discuss important topics.

The General returns to the airwaves!

Tonight, join an Observer as we discuss the extortion known as the kosher tax, avoiding kosher products, and why the jew's forcing of their inane laws upon we mere "goyim" is an act of domination over is circumcision. Your calls are... more

Paul interviews Simon Sheppard who is a British Nationalist and Publisher of The Heretical Press. A native of Kingston Upon Hull, Simon was jailed in 2000 for the "crime" of "Publishing or Distributing racially inflammatory material." Simon and a... more

Off the cuff show featuring three callers. Topics were discussed such as: Ridiculous college courses, divide and conquer, the 'news', racial and ethnic identity, Southern history, environmentalism, gardening and much more.
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