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Tonight I will be dissecting the Hulkster scandal, Tyrannical Political Correctness, Anti-racism as a Religion, and Cuckservatives.
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Tonight Dion will be interviewing Jim and Joe Rizoli. We will be discussing the systemic attacks on free speech, Illegal Immigration, Jewish control, the Hollowedco$t, and more. http://ccfiile.com/

Kyle speaks with Ian Peeke of Pegida Ireland. Topics include: the destructive relationship with the European Union, the history of immigration into Ireland, the ongoing program of racial replacement (aka genocide), false "nationalist" parties... more

Drew returns to host the hottest show on the interwebs. Call in and have your voice heard... Or you can troll the show, really it's all up to you.

Random hate fest tonight, getting some things off my chest. "Wounded Knee" Martin, White Suicide, Trump/McCain, Planned Parenthood, and other Marxist scumbaggery.

Join the crew from TheRightStuff.biz for a special live broadcast on Renegade as they discuss current events, count their shekels, rub their hands, and take your calls.

Kyle speaks with Stefan Timm from ThuleProductions on Youtube. Topics include: Being Aryan, National Socialism: The Right and Only Way to Free Ourselves, White National Socialism vs. Nationalism, reactions to Hellstorm, signs of... more

Kyle gets on air to let 'er rip and take your calls.

Tonight's edition of AoB I wil discuss/comment on my attendance at the Counter-Currents lunch-in which took place over the weekend in Manhattan; also, I will dive into some material I have accumulated over the last few weeks - it... more

Looking into the intentional, and deliberate dumbing down of the American people through public education. Limited learning for a lifetime of labor, Anti-Intellectualism, Common Core, and more.

I will talk about sexual abuse committed by the jewish community, specifically the Orthodox/Haredi/Chasidic community. I will also give an update on the Epstein case, the disgusting practice of "kosher" slaughter in jewish owned animal... more
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