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    The ARTS of FEAR

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    WE ARE NOT IN THE END TIMES! This is the biggest LIE, HOAX and SCAM ever perpetuated on mankind. Religion, Government, and the Media are on a continual march towards a 1 world government, order, religion & currency, through the efforts known as the NWO and Political Zionism, and have been using you, lying to you, programming you, keeping you in in bondage through the ART of FEAR!

    Please join us this week for a journey through the Book of Revelation, where I show how verses in Revelation relate to the remaining body of text in the New Testament.

    For those not yet familiar with these A.R.T.S. of F.E.A.R. they're acronyms which stand for the Audience Relevance & Time Statements of Fulfilled Eschatology & Accomplished Redemption.

    This belief remains consistent within Traditional Christianity because it consistently places these 1st century expectation of these Last Days / End Times to each successive generation of people living on the earth.

    The failure to recognize the (A.R.) Audience Relevance (who were these letters originaly written to, and how would these words have been relevant to them)and the (T.S.) Time Statements (soon, shortly, near, nigh, now, at hand, quickly, this generation, it is the last time, end of this age, etc...) and that these were entirely in relation to 1st century Prophecy & expectation of the Fulfillment of those same Prophecies; continues in each successive generation, by each generation injecting themselves into those scriptures, instead of seeing their 1st century relevance.

    The continued act of doing this brings about our 2nd acronym (F.E.A.R.S.) which point to Christianity's failure in acceptance of (F.E.) Fulfilled Eschatology, and (A.R.) Accomplished Redemption.

    I chose these acronyms not only for their relevance to the words associated, but in the act itslef. The ART of FEAR has long been used as a tool of motivation for both Religion & Government to control, maipulate and subjugate the masses.

    God Bless!

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    Keys to Getting Your Healing

    in Christianity

    Keys to Getting Your Healing

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    Prayer Warriors Prayer Chain

    in Christianity

    Come join us for prayer and fellowship.

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    THE POWER WITHIN CREATE YOUR REALITY The Power Within You Create your Reality In the struggle of this life man tries to claim his deity by making excuses for every event as fate or circumstances without considering the cause for every experience. Man is of two natures which are existent within him just as hot and cold, good and evil, north and south exist. Within every person is a duality of mind and man can be the chooser of understanding the law that exists within his own mind or being. Faith is the power that makes a person’s life what it is currently. Changes of thought and the nature of thoughts will manifest in the life of every person who is conscious of his or her thoughts. Instead of allowing the mind to operate or function without a conscious choosing and discipline or thought, which is allowing the mind to run wild, man change his circumstances and future by a simple principle of being conscious and watching his own thought to achieve the end that is desired. You can change your life by learning the law of life that exists within you. This law is within every person. It is the energy and vitality that exists in your mind and is expressed through your thoughts. When we learn how to use this vibrant energy to our good we change our lives. By understanding the power of thought and learning to use this power rightly we create for ourselves true prosperity, happiness, and health and the life of our dreams. By the abuse of the power of thought we create for ourselves tragedy and ruin. A wholehearted commitment to learning the law of life within our minds and the practicing of this law for good, benefits our life and the lives of those around us.

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    Let The Prophet Speak Pt. II - Prophet J. Michael Foster

    in Religion

    What is God Saying? Does God have anything to say concerning the church, nations, etc. What about the emergining leaders? What is the heartbeat of God to the 2011 church?

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    Spiritual Path

    in Religion

    Most Casual way to reach enlightenment

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    What are we doing

    in Christianity

    When will we grow up and understand that as long as we follow God's plan,we shall never be short of having our measure and more, which will allow us to help many, as appose to us just talking about what's wrong.

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    Beacon Apologetics

    in Christianity

    A defence of the Christian Faith. It is a phone in show that attempts to answer questions and issues that confront people daily

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    God's Provision in Times of Trouble

    in Religion

    We are coming into the greatest time of trouble that mankind has ever faces. The Tribulation and great peril is just before us as well as the return of Jesus Christ. God will provide a place of provision for His own, as He did for His people throughout the Old Testament. Join us as we discover God plan for the years just ahead

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