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    Launch of AMMedia-Online.com Station Introduction Pt 2

    in Religion

    Joy Comes Radio has a new home "AMMedia-Online.com".  We have launched a new 24/7 Online Radio Station where all day everyday, we recognize that "Creativity Is Vital".  AMMedia-Online.com  is the "Voice of the Independent". We are now positioned to spotlight more new and independent artists, singers, songwriters and labels. We are here for you. In Part 2 of our Station Introduction we will give you a taste of what you can expect to hear on AMMedia-Online.com.
    In Part 1 Host Dr. Anita gave you a sample of 3 new independent artists representing: Gospel, Country, and Pop.  Nate (Nate N-9 Show) introduced new Neo-Soul and Rap, and R&B artists and Host Jay Ikwan (The Jay Ikwan Show) had just begun to present his format for The Jay Ikwan Show. 
    In Part 2 Jay will continue his sample with an international flavor you will love! You will also get samples of The Best Oldies Show Ever, and The Best Gospel Gold Show ever. Stick with us-- it’s all new and improved. Tune in to our station at AMMedia-Online.com (Player is in the center of our Home Page) to hear some great new artists, oldies, motivational moments and much more.   If you love music you'll love AMMedia-Online.com! NOTE TO: Independent Artist, Labels, Management, if you would like to have your project evaluated for inclusion on our playlist, you may submit to: DrAnitaisAMMedia@gmail.com For consideration for placement in our Print/Digital Entertainment Magazines, please include Press Kit with Photos.  

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    Your heart is the problem~

    in Christianity

    Many will say that someone else is the problem, actually, it's your heart that is the true problem. I want to see you healed from passing the buck.

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    15th Annual Opening The Doors

    in Religion

    Celebrating 15 years  when I first started preaching did something oin the week of  starting the 1st year after I started when I was opening a church then continued when I opened it  there was 2 years didnt do anything cause when through sa divorce but  there no time to quit God aint done  so back at  it been at it  for 4 years again so 13  total  reaching

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    Prophets Teachings

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    Teachings for prophets and those who walk in the gift of prophecy.                                                                                                               These teachings are a great resource to you and will be an addition to what you have already learn through the Holy Spirit, experience and other teachings.  In no way are these teachings meant to be the sum total of this subject.
    Be blessed and enjoy.
    For other information on Prophetess Gee or teachings we invite you to visit our website @ teresagee.org/

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    Summary Table

    in Christianity

    Summary Table of Human Destiny - as Inscribed in Mythic History (the Book of Life/the Akashic Records)

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    Business and Workplace Empowerment

    in Christianity

    Who: These Empowerment Zones are for anyone who is serious about having more or better in their Business and/or Workplace. This means having the power to change things!  
    What: These Zones are important areas of the Empowerment Zones because everything starts with and in you, which is “your mind and how you think”. There are two vital areas we as Believers must control and develop, they are: What we “believe” and how we “behave”.  
    Why: Because the power that God has given to us, is in us, and we have to know how to connect to that power and be able to activate it.  
    Benefits: You can become a person that is no longer moved by the conditions and circumstances of your life, but is moving by the power that is within you! Ephesians 3:20  
    How: Through our 3P process of Preparing, Positioning, and Promoting; We help you to create an environment where you will be able to Be more so you can Do more, which will cause you to Have more in life.  
    So if you are serious about experiencing a totally higher level of Success and Power in your Business and/or Workplace - turn in and Join The Conversation!

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    "Called to do It All"

    in Religion

    The Show where everything you need I believe It's In The Book

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    Blessed Is The Man

    in Christianity

    Living A Life Without Sin Following God Ways

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    More Then Just A Book

    in Religion

    Contagious Ministries examines books like "Harry Potter" and you can interact with the subject of "More Then  Just A Book" with us by calling in and chatting with us..

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