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    Being Tenderhearted one toward another

    in The Bible

    My wife and I will talking about being tender hearted one toward another and it's value in a marriage, church, and community life.  It is truth of God's  living word that provides hope and transforming power to overcome! We are ordinary people trusting God help us share the treasure of His word to those who are in need.

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    4 Mindsets Found in Every Church

    in Christianity

    In every church, ministry or organization you will find at least one of these mindsets described in the scriptures. Archbishop J Antoine Miner, Sr shows us how to identify these 4 mindsets and examine ourselves for evidence of their existence.

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    Love in Motion

    in Christianity

    Loving others first starts at log you. But guess what, you can't love yourself before knowing yourself. And you can't know yourself until you get specifications from the Potter who molds and shapes you. It's a continuous process. 

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    Angel radio8/15/17

    in Christianity

    May the lord bless each one of you he is so good come part of our family on text 5037205377 or call and leave a prayer request or text me anytime of the day and night fill free call in were going to talk about gods timing tonight if you like cal or text youewelcome call the live number as well

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    Agape Faith Tabernacle Radio Show

    in Religion

    Discussion of the Scriptures

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    Biblical Marriage

    in Christianity

    Discussion Between Marriage Between man and Woman and Homosexuality. 

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    Surviving the Desert: Mission 2017

    in Religion

    Discuss what God has for our survival for the upcoming year. Don't go into 2017 in doubt or FOBO(fear of better options). Keep the faith.Isaiah 43:10-25

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    Faith: Start, Stay, Finish

    in Christianity

    Without Faith it is impossible to please God.  In this teaching series Pastor Johnson will discuss the importance of Starting, Staying and Finishing in Faith.  In the Kingdom Faith becomes your currency. -Dr. Bill Winston.

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    The End Time Men and Women of War Global Ministry Worship Servic

    in Religion

    Praise the Lord Everybody!!! This is Apostle Dr Debra Deanes and The End Time Men and Women of War Global Ministry and we would  like to invite you to our Worship service.  Our Service began with a Call to Worship.  After that, we have our short Devotion.  Then We go right into our Testimony part of the service,  After Testimony, we will our Praise and Worship.  Then we go right into the Word of God.  After the Word of God, we open the doors of the Church and we will have our benidiction.  I will see you there.
    Dr Deanes

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    REAL TALK with Pastors Rufus and Glenda Fields

    in Religion

    REAL TALK with Pastors Rufus and Glenda Fields
    Hello and Welcome to Real Talk with our Pastors!
    "Receiving Instructions In The Quietness!”
    Real Talk is a Christian based Radio show segment designed to facilitate discussions between Christians, about the REAL issues Christians face on a regular basis.  Our goal at God’s Anointed Ministries and Global Harvest Kingdom Church is to provide a place on the web through internet Radio for Christians to share their perspectives on how to apply God's word to their everyday life. 
    Real Talk was developed because we believe that there is a fundamental need to have a place where Christians can openly (and sometimes anonymously) talk about the issues in their daily lives.  Real Talk pastors understands that all Christians are at different places within our walk with God.  Therefore, we will not judge you, or allow anyone here to judge you.   
    Real Talk recognizes that there are several denominations of Christian believers in Christianity.  However, we believe that no matter which denomination you claim in your life, if you share our core Christian beliefs, outlined in our Statement of Faith on our Website: www.godsanointedministries.com, then your input here may help someone else strengthen their walk with God.
    Again, Welcome to Real Talk with our pastors
    The Staff at Global Harvest Kingdom Church, God’s Anointed Ministries
    Real Christians...Real Issues...Real Talk... God’s Way!!!

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