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    Heavens Elohim Temple

    in The Bible

    Heaven Elohym Temple
    Moncton New Brunswick
    Our Ministries Purpose:
    We as a ministry stand on this acceptance all regardless of age race creed religion or sexual orientation. We all have been forgiven at one time and for that, we can share with others who are going through the exact same thing. In the end, we can show then that it has always been about Faith and the Love of Elohim YHWH & Yahushua (Jesus Christ). Because when you can love others like He loves you, then you have achieved His whole purpose of being here; Removed from the curse of the law and into His Loving Grace.We were called by ELOHIM, YHWH & HIS Son Yahushua (Jesus Christ) to do this. Not just because we want to have a group, but because this group will be used for His Purpose, His Word, and His Will to allow others to speak about His Love and to give testimony about His Mercy and Grace. This group is all about prayer to our Master and Savior Yahushua, (Jesus Christ) and His Father YHWH and Elohim (meaning the mighty ones) which includes the Holy Spirit (Rauch HaKodesh) Amen!!!
    https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.paypal.com%2Fmyaccount%2Ftransfer%2Fsend&h=ATPm7tKW6zWy3Lj-ArB5A-BIQuYHP97H216n2rZXcI4cZWhsenRHiyImdzJzrp-yfAGWsOYEVqL6OFyklmaStYSNI9Gm3I0v7r52CNCth1KerkTX6rMH3zD2qp0Yww1YvL9laNxtF7FcEg    kenthopper2400gmail.com Phone 506-204-3988 http://www.cepher.net/ https://www.facebook.com/kent.hopper.9 https://heavenelohymtemple.wixsite.com/heavenelohymtemple

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    God has a plan for you

    in Christianity

    For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.  

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    World of Faith Outreach message 2-17-2018

    in The Bible

    Pastor Kim Bost and Bishop Kevin Bost pastor World of Faith Outreach Ministries church at 5370 Stokes Ferry Rd. in Salisbury, NC.  They have a powerful outreach to those who are broken and in need of healing.  (Isn’t that us all!?)  You will be blessed by the anointed preaching and teaching of these dedicated servants of the Most High God.  Be BLESSED!!  Check out their website at http://worldfaithministry.wix.com/church for additional information and video and audio messages.

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    in The Bible

    Praying with Power and Purpose(Dutch Sheets)
    God Needs you/us
    The Question
    Who really is in charge ? .

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    Prayer and Intercession Styles: Which Style Are you?

    in Christianity

    God has called every Man of God and Woman of God of God to be a person of prayer and intercession. We are to pray for ourselves and intercede for others. We are to pray without ceasing. Have a heart of prayer. Live a lifestyle of prayer and intercession. We praye for ourselves. We prayer for our families. We pray for others. And then we transition into a greater level of prayer by way of intercession. Intercession is when we are deeper into the throneroom of God petitioning heaven on behalf of others. We seek God to heal, deliver, set free, bring restoration, change, set things in order, destroy the works of the enemy and to complete rearranged things and people! Intercession does all of this and so much more. It sets us in a place of authority to hear from God and to pray his will into the atmosphere! Join us tonight as we discuss the power of intercession and the intercession styles that we flow in. Talk to you then! Blessings!

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    Grace Ministries Bible Forum

    in Christianity

    Meet for study @ 8:pm

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    Intouch At The Kingdom Table

    in Christianity

    Today on InTouch At The Kingdom Table we will discuss "What's In The News", "But God Moments", "Table Talk", "Prayer Time" and don't miss our "Hot Topic of the Day!"

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    Walking in the Light

    in Religion

    As saints and believers we have to walk as Jesus walked when He was in this gas.

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    Génesis 1: 1-31 y 2: 1-25. La creación del mundo y de las primeras humanas.

    in The Bible

    Un hablante no nativo lee la Biblia capítulo por capítulo para aprender más de Dios, el señor todopoderoso, y también para mejorar sus capacidades de hablar y entender el español.  Este programa consiste en la pura palabra de Dios.  Todas las lecturas vienen de la Nueva Versión Internacional de la Biblia.   

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    urubyiruko rw'abanyamurenge murabwirwa.

    in Christianity

    Bavandimwe banyamurenge, cyane cyane urubyiruko ndifuza kuganira namwe kubera yuko maze iminsi nitegereza imigendere yacu nkurubyiruko nkabona dusa n'abadamaraye tudafite iipango ndetse n'icyerekezo cyejo hazaza. kandi maze igihe mbyibazaho cyane. nkumunyamurenge ukunda ubwoko mpisemo kuganira namwe uyumunsi.

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    Whose Report?

    in Christianity

    We have many chooses in life and reports that come our way but Whose Report will you Believe? Prayers for healing and deliverance...

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