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    SkyWatchTV Podcast: Tom Horn and Cris Putnam - The Final Roman Emperor Part 3

    in Christianity

    This is the final installment of our three-part discussion on the blockbuster new book from best-selling authors Tom Horn and Cris Putnam, The Final Roman Emperor, the Islamic Antichrist, and the Vatican's Last Crusade.  Why do so many pagan prophecies point to the period of time in which we live as being especially important, and how will they lead to violent and bloody conflict between Muslims, Christians, and Jews?

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    Maiyah Ala Kulli Hal, A Special CWSC Roundtable - 'In Tribute to the Champ'

    in Islam

    1st Hour: Maiyah Kulli Hal with Imam Abdul Azeez
    2nd and 3rd Hour: 
    Special Programming - In Tribute to the Champ – A Special CWSC Roundtable

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    SHOW THIS SUNDAY JUNE 5TH 2016 AT 630PM EST www.propheticvoiceofyahushuaministry.org www.get-to-heaven.com books and publishing info www.elohimselfpublishingbookservice.com

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    Sunday Morning Prophetic Word With Prophet Laron Matthews

    in Religion

    Join Prophet Laron Matthews for a Sunday Morning PropheticWord from the Lord. Call in @  424-222-5276. 

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    Deepertruth: Predictions Of the Blessed Virgin Mary for the Church in the world

    in Christianity

    The many various apparitions of Mother Mary, we see many preditions that have come true.  That is a great sign of reliability, a true prophet's preditions and word is true.

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    Sunday Morning Stickup: by David Lee

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    Sunday Morning Stick Up What your Pastor doesn't want you to know about tithes A Must Read for anyone who pays 10% tithes or gives money to a Leader, Pastor, Charity, Non-Profit Organization or Church There is an undertow of frustration finely hidden beneath the delicate fabric of today's Christian experience. We call her Church, The Bride of Christ. Forlornly, she looks nothing like the church of yesterday. Conflicted in her existence and compromised in her expressions, she bears the name of the heavenly father, but oftentimes demonstrates the characteristics of His adversary. She hurts wounds and defrauds as many as who hope to receive healing and help from her hands. 2000 years ago, Jesus confronted her leaders and revealed two very significant observations as He stood in her courts armed with only a whip & passion. SUNDAY MORNING STICKUP, is that whip and passion of today.
    Worst of all, this stickup takes place like clockwork, primarily on Sunday mornings. Star struck, many have given in to larger than life personalities, and have cast aside the genuine leading of God's Spirit. She (the church) exhibits signs of swelling to the exorbitant totals of 10,000 to 30,000 plus members all gathered together in one place, but real growth escapes her. Her pews are filled with former members of other churches as opposed to newly converted sinners. Sunday Morning Stickup reveals that there are no scriptures that support Christians paying tithes. After embracing this scripturally guided tour through this important subject, you will realize, you do not have to feel guilty about not paying tithes. As modern ministry redefines herself throughout the world, focusing on souls has been replaced with a focus on $.O.U.L.$. ($atisfying Our Unrestrained Lust for $tuff). 
     Is it ok for the Pastor to live lavishly while his members struggle with the decisions of paying bills vs. buying food? Is church "Big Business"? 

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    O. F. Hush Money Promises TERMINATED, Riots, Civil Unrest & State of Emergency

    in Religion

    Crying COFAH, Open Forum with the Brothers, Hush Money Promises TERMINATED, Riots, Civil Unrest & State of Emergency
    Shalom Brothers and Sisters and listening audience Follow along with us as we explore the News, Science, Current Events, Economic Trends, and the Scriptures from a Hebrew Israelite Redeemed & Born-again Perspective 
    C.O.F.A.H is a Network of Messianic believers who are called by Yahweh to warn the inhabitants of the earth of the great evil that has entered into this world. We hold that Yahweh has restored a remnant of the seed of Ysrayl to finish the work that Yahweh first gave to our ancestors the "TRUE" Hebrew Ysraelites. 
    To find out more about the COFAH Network visit us at www.cofah.com you can also visit our cofahstore to view and obtain videos from Yahya Bandele such as "Hebrew or the So Called Negro” to "The Man of Sin One after the Ten" and many more by visiting http://cofahstore.com 

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    Berean Bible Chapel Blog Talk Radio Broadcast of Online Church Services

    in Christianity

    Join Us 5:00PM EST-----7:00PM EST on Blog Talk Radio For Berean Bible Chapel Online Church Services!!! Sunday June 5th,2016 For Online Holy Communion Service/ The Lord's Supper Celebration.  Then Stay for Prayer,Praise & Worship Music,Testimony Time, and a Message From God's Word Where Jesus Christ Is Preached Crucified, Risen,and Coming Again!
    Come Be Blessed and Magnify and Exalt Our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ...Led,Guided,and Directed By The Holy Spirit of God Around God's Holy Word, Worship The Father In Spirit and In Truth!!!

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    FREEDOM MONDAY 5/30/16

    in Religion

    Tune in tonight for FREEDOM MONDAY!!! We will discuss the Memorial Service honoring the Life and Legacy of Brother S. Banister-Bey, Divine Minister and Major of the Mufti Core. We will also discuss preparation for the Holy Month of Ramadan 2016. Call us at 646-478-4713 at 6:30pm EST. 

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    Is the RIGHTEOUSNESS of Almighty God IMPUTED to us as BELIEVERS through Jesus Christ, in that, God's righteousness is TRANSFERRED to those who confess that they are a sinner and ask God to forgive them of their sins and TRUST in the sacrifice that Jesus made for them by dying on the cross for their sins and then through their FAITH that Jesus died for their sins and was raised from the dead they are now BECOME the RIGHTEOUSNESS of God & ALL that God sees from this day forward is the RIGHTEOUSNESS of his Son Jesus that he purchased for us who BELIEVE? In other words, is this IMPUTED RIGHTEOUSNESS and ETERNAL RIGHTEOUSNESS that can NEVER be LOST or TAKEN AWAY from us once it has been IMPUTED to us?
    when a person first accepts Jesus as their savior, then from that point on in their life after accepting Jesus as their savior, from that point on, does Almighty God see ONLY the RIGHTEOUSNESS that was IMPUTED or TRANSFERRED to the believer through the FAITH of the believer in the atoning work of his Son Jesus, and does NOT see their SIN, even if they sin again after they were first forgiven of all their sins? In other words, is what many of us were taught that when God looks at us all he sees is the RIGHTEOUSNESS of Jesus and that God NO longer sees our SIN, but God ONLY sees the RIGHTEOUSNESS that he has IMPUTED or TRANSFERRED to us. AND does this mean the IF we sin AGAIN and WHILE we are living IN sin does God STILL just see the RIGHTEOUSNESS that was or had been IMPUTED to us when we accepted Jesus as our savior. OR does God SEE our SIN which we are committing, even though his RIGHTEOUSNESS was or had been IMPUTED to us when we first believed? Some believe that God STILL ONLY sees the IMPUTED RIGHTEOUSNESS that was imputed to us when we first believed and does NOT see our sin AFTER we become BORN AGAIN.But WHAT does the WHOLE word of God teach us?

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