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    1st Samuel 16 12-13 The Holy Bible The Anointing in us and upon us

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    In this Audio I will be discussing the Bible 1st Samuel 16 verse 12-13, David was anointed three times. The other scriptures he was anointed in was 2nd Samuel chapter 2:4 and 5:3. From the scriptures God is showing us how the anointing works in our lives. We as believers has access to work in the same level of anointing that David had. The anointing allows us to work in supernatural powers giving by God while we live on earth. The power is not saved for when we get to heaven. But it is a working power enabled by God granted for purposes to heal, restore, deliver, break yokes and to set captives free now.The anointing is granted to all believers. Access has already been granted through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.What can we learn?

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    S2 E24 The Cocktail Hour: Uncovering Vagina Fact from Friction

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    In the final podcast for Season 2, Mr n Mrs Romance presents a unique little feature called The Cocktail Hour, where  Marrie and Suzie allow their favourite drink, to lubricate discussions about relationships, sex and dating!  The topic of choice: Uncovering Vagina Fact from Friction …a sexy conversation sponsored by the Leg Spreader.
    We look forward to having you join us…
    And be sure to bring protection!!!
    Leg Spreader Recipe
    2 oz Captain Morgan Spiced Rum
    2 oz Malibu Coconut Rum
    2 oz Peach Schnapps
    4-6 oz Pineapple Juice (because Pineapple makes your vajajay juices taste good!).
    Mix everything in a glass with ice and drink!!

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    His Queen

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    Take me with you- Ways to get your partner to take you where you way to go. 

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    It's All About Me - Creating Personal Balance

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    When life gets really busy competing priorities sometime leave our personal needs in the dust.  We are here to remind of about the "me time" you deserve.  You will also learn how it impacts your health, well-being, the impact on your longevity and how it can improve your relationships.

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    Every End Gives Birth to Something New

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    Today Heidi will talk with you live while Mark is burrying his 100 year old mother.
    Birth and death, the beginning and the end, a continuous circle, that's what life is.
    The same is valid for relationships, they begin, they live for a while and they end, for whatever reason. How can we best handle that? Should we "just go" or should we "stay forever"? There is no general concrete answer, it always depends on the context, circumstances, possibilities and what not.
    This is true not only for relationships, but with everthing in our lives, with all choices we make.
    Mark and I, Heidi; have chosen to abandon for a while our radioshows and explore more in depth the possibilities we are given with Google Hangouts and Google+. We already have created quite a few Youtube videos via Hangouts and we would be happy to see you translocate with us there for the next few months.
    Find me on G+ HERE and circle me. I will circle you back and -if you like - invite you to join us in a talk on Hangout. And check out our youtube channel
    You can also contact us via our website: ThwPowerOfRelationship.com

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    New Beginning After Divorce

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    This week's topic on The Musings of Mojo is what happens after your divorce becomes final? Does life end? NO. Tonight Mojo will share a divorce story and tips for moving forward one step at a time. Mojo hopes you will tune in Friday night at 8:30pm Pacific/10:30 pm Central/11:30 pm Eastern. The Door's song for this show is not "The End" but "Break On Through". 
    Note: Mojo is not a therapist just a person who is sharing their experience and tips to help Break On Through. 
    If you have questions or have particular show topic you would like to hear Mojo cover drop Mojo a line at the profile page. Thanks for listening. 

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    Keepin' It Real with Dave; Real Talk Radio, Let's Talk. Today's Topic, God.

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    Call in today. The topic is "God, real or myth"? Is he the opiate of the masses? Talk to your host of "Keepin' It Real with Dave, on Real Talk Radio." Subjects range from anything to everything. Glean from Dave's 60 years wisdom and experience of life, business, relationships, religion, politics, you name it. Tune in every Wednesday 11:00am PST.
    Check out our website:  www.DaveNass.com
    Check out our blog: www.DavidNassaney.com
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/MobilDavid
    Twitter: www.twitter.com/mobildavid
    Dave Nassaney
    Thank you!

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    Speak to Intuitive Reader, Esther Austin, on Real Talk Radio 7:30 pm PST

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    Tonight, Real Talk the Movement speaks with Holistic Healer, Intuitive Reader, Author and Soul Guide, Esther Austin of the UK.  I had the pleasure of speaking with her when Dr. Kathleen Walls informed me that she would be on the show.  I said, I would listen in as a form of support but boy oh boy, was I in for something more..... she read me and read me well! 
    This evening, we are opening up the lines to let you speak with her.  Her goal is to empower individuals to understand themselves better and to hopefully bring about a deeper sense of awareness of self and that then of healing.  Esther Austin,  being highly intuitive and  sensitive to energies and people's pain, coupled with her own painful life experiences she has the ability to enrich peoples lives with the awareness of how to create different realities in their life experiences in order to enjoy more fulfilling, loving, balanced lives because now in my life, I certainly have found that.
    Join us for this hour long conversation as we speak with her and allow her to speak into you... 

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    Is It Possible to Find Mr. or Ms. Right? Special Guest Author Danielle Allen

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    Tune into Truth After Hours with the SCB Crew!! Our topic of discussion this evening is: Is It Possible to Find Mr. or Ms. Right?  This seems to be the question that keeps coming up time and time again, where is the perfect person for me?
    We are so excited to have our very special guest in the house - Author Danielle Allen! 
    This should prove to be a very interesting discussion on Truth After Hours with the SCB Crew. 
    Call in or listen live (323) 870-4063 at 9 PM EST.
    Let's Talk!

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    The BlaqHour presents Authoress K.S Oliver for Lupus Awareness Month (May)

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    The BlaqHour is finally back on the airwaves via Blogtalkradio just in time for Lupus Awareness Month (May).  Authoress K.S Oliver will be on talking about her personal journey with Lupus since being diagnosed in 2010.  Determined not to be defeated by any illness, she  went on a crusade to inform other about this disease.  While waiting to receive news on her medical diagnosis, she began to pen what would be her first book, “Still Standing”
    She didn’t stop with just one book, she went on to release two more. Books. “Flatlined” and “Through Our eyes” which is the personal testimony of her two young son’s having a supermom who is battling lupus.
    In addition to Having K.S. Oliver  on the show, we will be having  Natural Nappy Girl on to Present The BlaqHealth Report©.
    You don’t want to miss the Powerful Testimony  of K.S Oliver and how she used a diagnosis as ammunition to raise awareness for an illness that many are not educated properly on.  For more information on K.S Oliver, check out her website: www.authoressksoliver.com.
    You can also learn more about a clean eating lifestyle from Natural Nappy Girl or inquire about your own personal vegan coach at: www.goveganeasy.com.
    And you don't want to miss out on The Ratchet Report with BlaqKharma! It’s all going down on Wedensday, May 121st. You don’t want to miss this.
    The BlaqHour© is a subsidary of Kharma’s World©