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Saturn represents the part of us which curates our personal Life Mission, aka That Thing we came here to do. He's passionate about our success, so sometimes he can feel like a pushy boss with a big hefty stick. And he can be paranoid that we're not good enough, so he can also have us immobilised by fear of screwing up. Result? Procrastination and overwork, possibly both at the same time. Ugh! But that's not the whole story. In fact, that's a twisted version of the story, partly an inadvertant result of our western culture. Saturn can be our most potent mentor, a guide who reminds us where we want to go, and a support when we feel afraid. The key is knowing how to have a great relationship with him, and how to manage him. Join Reimagined Radio's resident neuro-astrology geek, Janette Dalgliesh, to learn two powerful techniques for soothing an antsy Saturn, and a great way to keep him - and you - on track!
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