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Welcome to Regina's Universe! It's been a while since I've been here and I'm so thrilled to be back as we go through our 4th year! There will be many changes this year that will reflect the changes in my life and the changes in yours. What a growing process this show has been and I thank you all for sharing this with me as we continue to discuss the things that matter with friends that matter! Stay tuned...

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Let's talk - then put to rest - the Casey Anthony trial debacle and then discuss some other crazy news of the week like 17 year old Tyler Hadley who "allegedly" killed his parents then threw a party in the house with his deceased... more

This season's Big Brother has only had two episodes and the game has changed dramatically! Eight new players mixed with 6 returning duos playing a game where who you evict is almost as important as who you keep. What are your... more

Is there any possible way to truly prepare to be a single parent? Single parenting can be because of a divorce or break up, a non-interested parent, separation due to work or military. What are some ways that you've handled single... more

There's so much that happened this week! Let's talk about Father's Day and give a shout out to the father's that truly do what they can to provide for their children and to those that step in and do more for children that aren't theirs but they... more

Do you have the ability to truly forgive someone? Do you believe in the power of saying your sorry? Can you forgive and truly forget or does it always sit in your mind? How healthy is it to forgive?

Unfortunately, we had to reschedule Big Brother's Krista but we decided to chit chat about... whatever... you know how we do it!

Spending Memorial Day in Gatlinburg and I went ZIP LINING!!!! Have you ever? Would you ever? Let's talk!

I am a Christian. I believe in God and that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. I also believe that there will be a reckoning when the Jesus returns and will rule the Earth for 1000 years... what I don't believe is that anyone knows when that is.... more

What is your relationship with your mother? Do you have fond memories? Do you have more than one mother figure in your life? Let's discuss the wild and crazy relationship we have with our mothers and if you are a mother your relationship... more

Do you think his death will slow the progression of the war or awaken a new reality of avengers trying to retaliate for his death?
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