Refuge on the Mountain

Refuge on the Mountain

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Why is the search for answers of life after death going into the secular publishing sector. There are more books and movies out that are being devoured by so-called Bible Believing Christians. What is the draw and where is it coming... more

The Book of Hebrews challenges us to ?run with endurance the race that is set before us.? The persevering obedience of faith in Christ, is the race set before the Hebrews and us. Therein we must win the crown of glory, or have everlasting... more

Refuge Talk is a program on Bible Study, and Equipping for our growth and spreading the word of God. On this program we are going to be looking into the first part of Ephesians 4 The letter of Ephesians emphasizes the truth that all... more

The most powerful tool a Christian has is prayer. When we are facing times of trouble or sorrow. Many find themselves on bent knee. We are taught that we have confidence in Him and whatever we ask of Him will be given as long as... more

Ephesians 3:1-14 Study on the Mystery of Christ. Since we are stewards of the mystery, it is our responsibility, our duty to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. Unlike the mystery of a secret society, a secret lodge. This mystery is the... more

Ephesians 2:11–22 Sir Neville Chamberlain, then prime minister of Great Britain, upon his return from meeting with Hitler in September of 1938 declared ?Peace in our time! Peace with honor!? One year later, Hitler invaded Poland,... more

Today we will discuss reviews from the movie the Son of God, And go into detail about the Deity of Jesus Christ. Did He know that He was God and man on earth. When He know this and what we can take away from His knowledge.... more

The scripture in Joshua chapters 7 and 8 are full of spiritual lessons for us today. All scripture is given by the inspiration of God, and is profitable for teaching, conviction, correction and for instruction. We will dive into the scripture in... more

Tonight we are going to be looking into Ephesians 2:1-10. Our discussions will be centered around God's Amazing Grace and God's work in our lives. Faith as the instrument of beginning salvation. Faith being a free gift from God. The Gospel... more

We continue our study of Joshua in the triumph of Jericho. Letting God work things in His own way. He is the Creator and we are His creation, why do we continue to judge why and how, He does what He does. Other topics: Isaiah... more