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Connect with Andi, Caithe, Jennifer, Shefali and Shelli - Your Reflect Radio Team. Empowering you in the comfort of your own home with light, laughter and healing guidance. Our aim is to deliver to you what you need in any moment. As we trust our intuition and the flow, we also inspire you to as well. We look forward to sharing our experience, knowledge and messages with you. Your Reflect Radio Team.

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Once again, we are centering ourselves a little differently - now expanding further into the Universe...and the 12 Planetary Chakra system is like being in your "Divine Suit". My special guest tonight is Rita Bojorquez - Founder of Healing Dynamics International in Scottsdale, Arizona. ( Rita's a bodyworker extraordinaire... with therapeutic massage, energy balance, acupressure for emotional healing, organs & meridians, Energy Healing, SRT. Rita will lead us on a creative Visualization through each of the 12 chakra centers, their colors and their Divine focus... After the 12-chakra mini-meditation, The Healing Panel is in! Rita & I will take your calls and offer Energy Healing, Energy Clearing, Clarity, Direction, Messages. whatever comes forth separately &/or together - for your Highest & Greatest Good! This 12 chakra system is a beautiful way to 'ride' the continuous inpouring of "waves of new energies" without getting "tossed around" as much as we've already experience.... Rita ROCKS! I hope you JOIN US!!
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Evolutiom means change. You may SAY you want change in your life, but do you really? Let's find some purpose to our living and kick off behaviours holding us from back from TRUTH. Are you ready to release and reset your life? This short... more

Today's show will discuss the current energies of September, what the divinely guided word Closing means for everyone in September. We will also go through an energy download process/ meditation or other exercise which will... more

Vandana is the co-creator of RICH Healing offering tools for transformation. Vandana is a highly intuitive energy healer and spiritual teacher with a thriving healing practice in New York City. Vandana's intention is to assist all beings to... more

Whether you work with "Energy" - or You're "Clueless"...the Intent for this show is that there's something here you can take with you to use in your everyday Life that helps strengthen your "Being". WE'RE TALKING ABOUT ENERGY... more

What are you feeding your mind, body and soul? This week's energy is focussed on being ORGANIC - the growing, connected and soulfilled truth of who you truly be. Listen to clearing questions and receive healing balance to help you... more

A Life - no matter how short - can touch so very many people... A Dear Friend in Heart, Courageous Mom & a Legacy that brings Joy & Life back into the Heart of Pain... We welcome this Mom: Laurie Savoie & her beautiful daughter Kailee &... more

The energy of August is about ~ Light~ tune in and find out what that means for you, your life, your relationships and more... We will also touch on the essential oil for now, a meditation/energy balancing/ or whatever energetic shift feels... more

Welcome to Spiritual Triage - Your "virtual" Home for Healing, and First Aid for the Soul! ! If you could use some help - Don't be shy - CALL IN!... Call in to talk...what are your views, your experiences regarding... more

Connect with Leonore and Caithe to discuss The Celtic Wheel of the Year ~ Lunasa in the Northern Hemisphere and Imbolc in the Southern Hemisphere. Discover practical ways to incorporate these seasonal changes into your... more

Needing some time out from your hectic life so you can learn to meditate, develop your intution and mix with like-minded people? Celtic Mystic on Reflect Radio provides an informal and relaxed opportunity for you to do just that! Meditation... more