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JCI Resurfacing of West Palm Beach Florida is owned by Jeff Crisp. I have known Jeff for 5 Years now and he is all about quality. He is in one of the most competitive Markets I've ever heard about. There are Companies Refinishing Bathtubs for $200 Residential. Wow, this shocks me. How does a company maintain all the licensing requirements, insurances, pay taxes, afford top quality products, and still remain in business. 

Jeff briefs on us how competitve or " cut throat" this industry has become. The public and hard working people like Jeff are the only ones that suffer. How does and industry take such a downhill spiral. 

Better Yet how does Jeff maintain his high standards and his legal and financial obligations in such a depressed market? I guess that's why I have asked him to call in and tell us how and this makes him a Refinishing Rock Star.

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Bathtub Refinishing West Palm Beach Florida
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