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The podcast to sit back, lay back, talk, chat, rant, whatever you are doing, with no pressures, expectations, etc. Come as you are, say what you want, talk about what you want, and keep it relatively PG-13, because we try to be fair to all people, allowing a certain amount of flare; hence rating. Keep it Reel is also a gift from the fans for the fans, of all things movies, some comedy, some unintentional comedy & more. What's wrong? No one likes to hear you talk? No one likes to hear you rant? Boo-hoo? We do that here, and welcome it, and you, and your problems. Why? There is a serious lack of care about the opinion of the common man, so we invite you to come on, with the rest of us, rant, rave, chat, but most importantly, keep it reel. Reel. Movie fans secretly inject their love for movies even within self-help. <3 We are done mostly for 2014. See u later! XOXO (We are done for the run, and have presented quite a bit of material. May be back in the future. If not, enjoy the podcasts!) --no drama style podcasts --equal opportunity podcasting

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done. bye now That's all. XO.

Tonight I announced my absolute last podcasts, that I'm DONE, moving on, and was VERY, very honest with my absolute most honest podcast EVER, with some harsh words for the negative people but also loving words for the... more

Tonight we are playing a few songs, to start things off, that are VERY similar and evoke emotions felt by myself & others during this podcast run. We also play some sound clips as I Huggy, Krayola & Zuul, kick off TRUTHFEST 2: THE... more

Oh this is the show to listen to if you want the truth, nothing but the truth, stories, confessions, secrets, scandals and more being told, continued from the last show. This show was originally called THE OCCULT 2, but something happened with... more

dedicated to a goddess of horror. Opening song by ALICE COOPER & tribute to Tommy Jarvis. xoxo Tonight's show will take a complete and utter break from the usual TORCHFESTS due to resolving of issues on late nite skype calls. As... more

--introduction is an ode to TWO of my FAVORITE TINA's & Jem and the Holograms This time, it's Tina that takes the main throne & offers advicew.....offers THE TORCH along with me as we talk about......The horror... more

Opening + break clips -- Chucky, pop-culture megamix, Insidious 3 TV spot, Cannibals & more. Before anyone knocks me or supports me on being on anyone's side, I'm just going to offer factual things about this man, that we all... more

We're counting down till the very end; the end of the podcasts that is. We've had many abrupt halts & restarts due to a very very hectic schedulng conflict, fallouts and craziness, BUT this time, the copis are all coming out, the insanity is... more

Tonight we continue from the previous show where we left off on the HORROR SOCIALS, wrapping things up, announcing career/hobby changes, how we feel about things, people, revelations, honesty, and I also dig into tabloid culture and... more

Hello everyone, brothas & sistas, we're totally taking over tonite on the friggin airwaves, with the totally cool topic of SECRETS SPILLED,confessions told and OMFG! The occult! We are going to talk about this amazing stuff and more,... more