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Holly Stephey & 'It's All In The Name 'Sharita Star!

  • Broadcast in Spirituality
Holly Stephey

Holly Stephey


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Sharita Star,

Psychic of the Planets, Astrologer and Numerologist Sharita is a messenger for the energies and patterns our celestial bodies communicate to us through their wisdom. A constant student of the mighty planets above, Sharita taps into an undeniable knowledge that brings a deeper understanding of how we all can optimally live here below on earth.

I developed the uncanny ability to Lexigram just before 9/11, and the mysteries they have since revealed to me are true gifts to us all in their insights, and ultimately shed further light into our amazing usage of language.


Her new Book will be our topic..

It's All in the Name explains the concept of Lexigrams and the uncanny magic they can unfold for self-knowledge. The author begins by introducing simple words and taking the reader on a journey that shows how much we can find the truth we are searching for is contained within the words we use every day. After offering a few rules to guide the Lexigram process (and suggesting times to break those rules), she explains the interconnections among Lexigrams, astrology, and numerology.

Sharita Star goes on to show how many of the Lexigrams that can be derived from names and titles relate to the very astrological and numerical guidance that governs them, providing historical evidence to show how this dynamic works. To do so, she offers references to zodiacal Sun signs and the Chaldean understanding of numerology. Moreover, Sharita provides numerous case studies of well-know individuals, past and present.

It's All in the Name is a valuable tool for exploring the profound inner meanings of names and everyday words and for deepening one's intuitive capacity.