Andee Nathanson has been working with people from the film and music business since putting her photography career on the back burner in the mid-70’s.  ”When I was in my late twenties and not quite sure of who I was – where to go – or how to go about living an authentic life – I was given great guidance and help through astrology.

I was influenced by some of the greatest teachers who have been with us and by seeing the aspects occur with uncanny accuracy. As I began to practice on family and friends – I realized how useful this work was.  I was “put through hundreds of readings” before beginning my practice.

For the last 30 years, I’ve been working with clients worldwide.  I was able to protect them in the 2008 stock market fiasco and economic downturn. The ones who made the necessary adjustments did quite well.  That’s true of all readings. When you do the work, you get the results.

Astrology holds a light up to those things that we often suspect or intuit.  It clearly points out the pros and cons of so many situations.  Then we are better prepared to make those important decisions. They say “Knowledge is Power” – so is Wisdom.  I believe we should have as many (symbolic arrows) in our packs as we can right now.

In seeing what is happening in the world and the transformation from materialism to community – many of us have experienced major challenges that have pushed us well beyond our limit. That’s why Compasz has sprung up.  To get you the best help we can, in the most direct way possible