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Chuck and John talk Celtics, the NBA, and whatever else come to mind.

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ESPN Boston's Chris Forsberg and WEEI's Paul Flannery are joining us in their continued effort to wrest the show from our slacking grasp. Yeah, we haven't been around for a few weeks, but we're making up for it with an hour of power... more

Mike Wise's fake tweet sent the internet atwitter. We'll talk about that, Team USA, Carmelo Anthony's own twitter missteps, Voltron, and a minor league baseball manager going off as only they can.

Rajon Rondo "withdrew" from Team USA... Ron Artest responds to Doc Rivers... and coaches not only like football players fighting... they WANT them too. All that at 9pm.

New Celtic Von Wafer joins the show to talk about his reputation, and how he's going to change it... what he'll do for the C's... and doing "The Dougie". Also someone is giving David Kahn a run for his money as dumbest man in the... more

The new schedule is being released 2 hours before show time... so we'll be picking that apart. And, why it's perfectly fine for football players to hold out... and why Laurence Fishburne's not exactly the proudest pappa around nowadays.

It's the end of July and the Celtics have added one guy of any significance to their roster: Jermaine O'Neal. Of course, Paul, Ray and Doc are back. Is it enough? What more can we do?

Sports Illustrated's Chris Mannix joins us as we return from break to talk USA Basketball, rookie hazing, and mega-contracts that may or may not be cheating the system.

By the time the show airs, our heads will have exploded, "Scanners" style, from all the rumors after the Free-Agent flood gates open. Paul Pierce has opted out, Doc Rivers has opted in, and Ray Allen is allegedly part of some LeBron-led cabal... more

When we go live, there will be 27 hours left before the free agent frenzy begins. And we'll spend that 27th hour wildly and blindly speculating about where guys will go. We'll make legitimate pitches for all kinds of scenarios... even the... more

The Celtics season ended, like, 2 minutes ago... but we're already moving on to the NBA draft... which will be happening live as we're on the air. Ok, Ok, Ok... we'll put a little ribbon on the end of the NBA season and look ahead to the big... more