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Red Hot Recipes

Red Hot Recipes


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WHAT IS AN APH·RO·DIS·I·AC? AN APHRODISAIC IS A food, drug, potion, or other agent that arouses sexual desire. An EXCITING DRINK that WILL perk up YOUR LOVE LIFE TOO? Forget the WHITE WINE, TRY THE WHITE FRUIT, GINGER! RED HOT RECIPES had technical difficulties & there is a pause in the show when we were OFF AIR, PLEASE CONTINUE TO TUNE IN TO HEAR THE RECIPES & TO LISTEN THROUGH THE PAUSE AND HEAR OUR SPECIAL GUEST, BROTHER TARIK, WHO IS The publisher and Distributor of The Human Nutrition Study Report, BROTHER TARIK SAYS was suppressed by the United States DEPT. OF AGRICULTURE & WAS SUPPOSED to have been released to the general PUBLIC in 1971. GINGER BEER Delicious for Young and Old, IF YOU CAN FIND IT! HOT, COLD & SWEET GINGER BEER, STIMULATING, INVIGORATING & REFRESHING, NO WONDER IT HAS BEEN USED FOR AGES AS AN APHRODISIAC! Ginger is one of the white fruits colored by pigments called "anthoxanthins." They may contain health-promoting chemicals such as allicin, which may help lower cholesterol and blood pressure and may help reduce risk of stomach cancer and heart disease. Some members of the white group, such as bananas and potatoes, are good sources of the mineral potassium, too. White FOOD group include: Bananas, Cauliflower, Garlic, Jicama, Mushrooms, Onions,Parsnips, Potatoes, and Turnips GINGER BEER RECIPE INGREDIENTS: 2 LBS FRESH GINGER ROOT 4 LBS RAW SUGAR 8 FRESH LEMONS AND/OR LIMES 2 GALLONS OF DISTILLED WATER YOU WILL NEED: A FOOD PROCESSOR OR SHARP KNIFE 1-3 GALLON STAINLESS STEEL POT 1-3 GALLON WIDE MOUTH BOTTLES, JARS OR POTS CHEESE CLOTH OR CLEAN WHITE TOWEL SLICE GINGER IN FOOD PROCESSOR OR WITH SHARP KNIFE. PUT GINGER IN POT WITH 1 GALLON OF WATER AND 1 LB SUGAR. BRING POT TO A BOIL FOR ABOUT 1 HOUR. STRAIN GINGER WITH CHEESE CLOTH OR TOWEL IN JAR OR POT. REPEAT PROCESS WITH STRAINED GINGER & REMAINING WATER. ADD THE JUICE OF 8 SQUEEZED LEMONS & REMAINING SUGAR, STIR. ENJOY HOT OR REFRIGERATED. SHAKE & ENJOY!