ReDecorating by Rena

Have you ever witnessed a design pro move a piece of furniture an inch left or right and thought…”why”?  Design pros have been trained to see when the space in a space (room, table, etc.) is not used properly. 

Space is an important element of design.  Space is the area provided for a particular purpose. It can be two dimensional (length and width), such as a floor, or it perhaps have three dimensions (length, width, and height). Space encompasses the background, foreground and middle ground.  The element of Space refers to the distances or areas around, between or within components of a piece.

There are two types of space: positive and negative space. Positive space refers to the space that is being occupied.  Negative space refers to the space around and between the subject matter (meaning nothing is occupying the space).  Negative space is important.  If the proper amount of negative space is not allotted, the overall look and feel of the decorated space or room could be compromised and would seem “off”. 

Enjoy your space, Rena

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