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Thirty minutes of unfiltered truth, news the way it should be reported, without political correctness. I believe the Socialist, Communist and Islamist are destroying America, one city, one county, one state at a time. AMERISLAM is well underway within America, the onslaught by Socialist and Communist has been underway since the 1940's, then came the Muslim Brotherhood in the late 1950's, all three working behind the scenes until  February 1993 when Islamic Jihadist detonated explosives in the parking garage of the World Trade Center. This attack was the first SHOCK to Americas foundation, the second SHOCK was September 2001.  The second attack worked brillantly for the Jihadist, Socialist, and Communist. The Socialist and Communist worked behind the scenes, in the shadows of the hallways of politics for decades, majority of Americans understand the threat they pose to our society, not only politically, also spiritually as a majority of socialist and communist are atheists and agnostics. The second attack created an atmosphere where moderate islamists could apologize for Jihadists, to the extent politicians stood on the senate floor and pronounced their undying love of Islam.The Jihadist is a different type of enemy, they claim spirituality and worship a deity they claim to be GOD, same deity Christians and Hebrews worship, giving the jihadist / Islamist a hedge of protection. They hide behind a faith, a religion and a majority of Americans will turn the other cheek, fearful of being stigmatized as intolerant towards anothers religion. The Socialist/Communist emerged from the shadows and today all three ideologies engage in undermining our founding principles, all hiding behind Islam, demanding religious tolerance and receiving protection by politicians at all levels of local, state, and federal government. Political correctness is dead Monday-Friday 11:30-12:00 noon