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Recovery 2 Day


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Recovery 2 Day (R2D) is for anyone affected by a substance problem. Topics range from co-occurring disorders to substance use disorders.

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R2D Has One Question to remove all the current stupidity in " AA run, addiction" AA conversions tents called treatment . Recovery 2 Day or R2D starts out where any recovery system should by bringing you the most current information.... more

Cognitive dissonance is a bitch! How would you know, if you sound like a parrot? Merely repeating from memory, what you believe to be right, without the slightest clue if it's true? If you believed a lie, how would you know it? Recovery 2 Day... more

Treating substance abuse or substance dependence is a complex matter. Having the right information can determine the outcome of success or failure. Labels such as alcoholic or addict are subjective and stigmatized. Integrated treatment is... more

Self Affirmation versus prayer? What is the difference between telling yourself you can, and asking a god to do it for you? Who do you blame if it does not happen? God get me sober, or I can get well? How about God please, please,... more

New Years Sex, Drugs and Recovery Resolutions? It just doesn't have the right sound. What weak ass resolutions have you made and have you ever kept one? Giving New Year's Resolution advice is like giving marriage counseling,... more

I hate Anti Smokers Don't you? Of course that was when I smoked, now that I don't, I hate smokers don't you? Is smoking a disease? Careful how you answer that, its revealing. Is drinking and taking drugs like smoking? How are they... more

Do you want to quit, Yes or No? What makes it possible to ?remember why,? you answered that yes or no? When does a positive outlook harm us? ?That won't happen to me? can happen. But what are the odds? When the current industry... more

Self Correction the Only Success When someone with a substance problem or with a loved one with a substance problem looks for help, do they really want it to work? What happens when the loved one is not interested in it working?... more

WITHDRAWALS ARE NORMAL Once detoxed, you are not going ?crazy?, nor are you ?insane,? as some programs want you to believe, what you experience is the withdrawals for not having the substance in your system, and your system... more

Learned Helplessness equal depression, equals treatment? 2-Day I will introduce you to two men, Ken and Mik. One is in treatment and one is using R2D without treatment. Mik is in treatment Ken is at home. Mik is battling punishment, Ken is... more
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