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Interviews and Expositions on the New Paradigm of Universal Oneness and Multidimensionality---Hosted by Visionary Author, Futurist, and Conscious Channel; DANIEL JACOB. Daniel has been a Spiritual Seeker, Cultural Researcher, Bio-Energy Bodyworker, and Community Leader for over 30 years. In 1991, he was a approached by a Soul Group of Etheric Guides who called themselves "The Reconnections." Since that time, Daniel has been archiving "transmissions" from these Guides concerning a number of topics---Planetary Changes, Physical Transmutation, New Paradigm Relationships, Inter-Dimensional Contact, and many others. He has led Workshops and Seminars around the U.S., and in several countries of the world. In 1997, Daniel began bringing through more specific data dealing with Children of the New Earth. His 2 Part-CD, "The Star Children" is considered a "Primary Text" for those who wish to know and assist our Next Generations as they awaken and assume their designated role of leading "Spaceship Earth" into the Fourth Dimension and Beyond. His first venture at Blog Talk Radio was "Gateways to 2012," with Co-Host Gwynne Mayer, Psychologist, Jungian Astrologer, and Visionary Writer. Their shows from last year are still archived on the system: www.blogtalkradio/gateways_to_2012.His current "Radio Roundtable" Project provides timely opportunities for Daniel to interview up and coming talent in the field of art, metaphysics, music, psychology, philosophy, and other fields of interest! Special Emphasis is paid to giving support and encouragment to our Children of the New Earth: Indigos, Crystal Kids, Star Children, and many others. Be sure visit our Sister Site: And join us for ongoinng free Discussion Groups, by visiting: Welcome aboard!
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