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Reconnecting to your Higher Self within. Call in phone number (347) 994-2524 - This is a personal growth program designed with your inner peace in mind. The discussions will be based on my book "Reconnected - How To Be A Mentor To Your Child-Self." This book and show discusses the means for filling the many emotional voids experienced in childhood. The messages are for those adults who want to create real internal change in their lives by addressing significant emotional events in their past which are affecting them in their present lives. I will explore on this Reconnected show, with selected guests, various aspects of personal development, parenting, spirituality and recovery which parallels the chapters in my book, and see how we can apply the messages from a variety of perspectives. Reconnected is a manual for the complete transformation of your negative experiences to positive memories, loving yourself at deep levels and creating the life you have always desired. I want to hear your feedback on the show; What is working for you and what your challenges are. Email me at You can buy the book right now at this website: A Kindle and paperback formats are available through A Nook version is available through

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We will have as our special quest, Dr. E. Douglas Brown, author and licensed Clinical Psychologist on this re-broadcast show. He will talk about validation as it applies to parent and child relationships and how it changes upon maturation; Why it is necessary to give it and to receive it. He will also talk about the higher level of validation which is self validation. It is important to: •Feel like you are important •Know that your feelings are real, very personal to you, and should be acknowledged as such •Feel okay sharing those feelings and personal outlooks/perspectives •Feel like someone is not going to ridicule you or in some other way disrespect you behind your expressed feelings •Feel at ease discussing what is deep inside - When children don't have validation, the emotional scarring starts taking place and problems begin. Lack of validation is responsible for most problems youth and adults are having today.
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Clinical Psychologist and author Dr. E. Douglass Brown will be our special guest speaker today, on this re-broadcast show, talking about bringing out the Bliss Point in our Children part 2. The makings of the spiritual bliss point are deeply... more

Cynthia James, actress featured in Sacred Journey of the Heart, author, transformational specialist, coach, speaker, teacher, and singer is our guest speaker on the topic of Relationships. She will talk about: The healing and the... more

Clinical Psychologist and author Dr. E. Douglass Brown will start a new theme with his topic of Bliss Point vs Ego, on this re-broadcast show. A term invented in the fast food industry, the ?bliss point? refers to that point when a person... more

Today we have author and international healer, Jennifer Elizabeth Masters as our guest speaker on this re-broadcast show addressing the topic of Co-Dependency and Addictions. She says, "Everyone at some point has issues with... more

Child, Family Therapist and author Midge Noble is our special guest speaker today. Midge will talk about how important it is for us to realize how wonderful our lives really are. When we are always reaching for something else... more

Transformation Coach, Channel, Spiritual Teacher and Spiritual Healer, Barbara Reynolds will be our guest on this re-broadcast show. Barbara says, "Faith is that knowing that defies logic. It is something that cannot be explained but you know... more

Clinical Psychologist and Author Dr. E. Douglass Brown is back with us on this live show talking about Emotions and The Self. He says that emotions are as essential to a person's inner growth as eating vegetables are to staying... more

Child, Family and Marriage Therapist Jef Gazley will join us today, on this re-broadcast show as our special guest. He will continue his last discussion on feelings and emotions. Jef will continue his conversation from last time with the... more

Today we have Imam Alfred Mohammed as our special guest speaker on this live show. HIs topic is The Power of Visualization.This discussion will delve into the power of visualization, Retooling thru visualization, Overcoming... more

Master Child and Family Therapist Jef Gazley will be joining us today, on a re-broadcast show speaking on this topic: EMOTIONS-What do I do with these feelings? - Where do emotions come from? Why do they occur? What purpose... more
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