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Reconnecting to your Higher Self within. Call in phone number (347) 994-2524 - This is a personal growth program designed with your inner peace in mind. The discussions will be based on my book "Reconnected - How To Be A Mentor To Your Child-Self." This book and show discusses the means for filling the many emotional voids experienced in childhood. The messages are for those adults who want to create real internal change in their lives by addressing significant emotional events in their past which are affecting them in their present lives. I will explore on this Reconnected show, with selected guests, various aspects of personal development, parenting, spirituality and recovery which parallels the chapters in my book, and see how we can apply the messages from a variety of perspectives. Reconnected is a manual for the complete transformation of your negative experiences to positive memories, loving yourself at deep levels and creating the life you have always desired. I want to hear your feedback on the show; What is working for you and what your challenges are. Email me at You can buy the book right now at this website: A Kindle and paperback formats are available through A Nook version is available through

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We will read and expound from the chapter "Twelve Principles of Recovery" taken from my book Reconnected-How To Be A Mentor To Your Child-Self. The Twelve Steps of Addiction associated with the Alcoholics Anonymous organization have some good points that need to be recognized when we fall into faulty behavior. Even though the Twelve Steps and my Twelve Principles were written with alcoholism and drug addiction in mind, the program can be used for other character defects such as - Anger, Abuse, Compulsive disorders, Overeating, Gambling, Sexual, and Controlling issues. -- When accepting a new life for yourself and realizing that you have to first forgive yourself and others, just saying the words alone may not be good enough to internalize real change. This is why following a program methodically with a solid commitment, and demonstrating the new you by being the example of what you are now believing, you can have more reassurance of a new path for yourself. This is the first installment so we will start with the 1st Principle "We allowed our lower selves to control us regarding our addiction, and admitted that our lives thus had become unmanageable."
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We will continue our discussion from last week with our guest speaking again from Germany, Barbara Hofmeister. Her book, "To Be Or Not To Be - The Choice is Yours," has a guided plan to raise your self-esteem and chart a... more

Author Barbara Hofmeister will join us live from Germany as she discusses self-esteem from her perspective. She will also speak from her book "To Be Or Not To Be - The Choice is Yours." She says that it is her passion and... more

Author Zen Benefiel will be our guest today as we are starting our series on self-esteem. Zen is the author of Transformation: A Guide For Change. He says, "Self-esteem is ignited through personal transformation, learning how to rise... more

We will have Jef Gazley,master therapist, author and entrepreneur on the show today. We will discuss Validation as it applies to adolescents. On my list above, validation is the number one need with our children. This is where we begin.... more

We will have as our special quest, Dr. E. Douglas Brown, licensed Clinical Psychologist. He will talk about validation as it applies to parent and child relationships and how it changes upon maturation; Why it is necessary to give it... more

We will continue our discussion from last week with special guest therapist Jef Gazley. He is going to use his technique of Energy Psychology and Energy Freedom Techniques with our call-in participants. These techniques have... more

Jef Gazley, Family & Marriage Therapist, will continue being with us talking about techniques we can use to help us with our own validation challenges. He will discuss one method he employs called Emotional Freedom Technique and... more

We will have a special guest joining us today to answer our questions and challenges. Jef Gazley, LMFT, Family Counselor and Therapist, will speak on our topic Forgiveness and entertain questions. We will continue the discussion we... more

Forgiveness has to be incorporated before any of this repairing operation, which we will be undertaking, takes place. We will be examining various emotional episodes which will, quite naturally, bring up those old feelings again. When you... more

We are going to talk about what the child received during the Family Culture, what we had in what was called the Industrial Age and what the child receives now in our Independent Age. We will then examine what the results were... more
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