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Reconnecting to your Higher Self within. Call in phone number (347) 994-2524 - This is a personal growth program designed with your inner peace in mind. The discussions will be based on my book "Reconnected - How To Be A Mentor To Your Child-Self." This book and show discusses the means for filling the many emotional voids experienced in childhood. The messages are for those adults who want to create real internal change in their lives by addressing significant emotional events in their past which are affecting them in their present lives. I will explore on this Reconnected show, with selected guests, various aspects of personal development, parenting, spirituality and recovery which parallels the chapters in my book, and see how we can apply the messages from a variety of perspectives. Reconnected is a manual for the complete transformation of your negative experiences to positive memories, loving yourself at deep levels and creating the life you have always desired. I want to hear your feedback on the show; What is working for you and what your challenges are. Email me at You can buy the book right now at this website: A Kindle and paperback formats are available through A Nook version is available through

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Professor Danita Applewhite of the WhiteApple Institute will join us as our guest speaker on this rebroadcast show. She will share what has been successful in her educational field regarding self-esteem. She works with the disabled, or differently abled population both locally and abroad. Were you ever told that it is quite normal, natural and wonderful to feel great, deep inside you? At the core and in your quiet moments you should have good feelings about yourself, place a high value on your existence and that you have a God given right to be happy. It would have been healthier for you if you had been told that you were a great, unique, special creation that God had put on this earth to perform miracles. If you never heard this directed toward you, receive this blessing because this message is directed toward you right now! God has given you a mission, a talent that belongs to you, exclusively. God has certain Blessings He has created for mankind and He wants to deliver them through His special creation, YOU!. Teachers will benefit greatly from this topic as she will talk from practical experience. Her WhiteApple Institute's website is . You can DONATE NOW to her organization at the website. This is a Veteran-owned business helping the global differently-abled global community.
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We will read from the chapter "Twelve Principles of Recovery" taken from my book Reconnected-How To Be A Mentor To Your Child-Self. The Twelve Steps of Addiction associated with the Alcoholics Anonymous organization have some... more

Imam Benjamin Bilal will be our special guest today. He will be speaking on the nature of addiction and its negative effects on the human being's growth towards physical, mental, moral, and spiritual excellence. He will teach on the etymology... more

We will read from the Co-dependency, Attachments and Addictions chapter of my book Reconnected-How To Be A Mentor To Your Child-Self. Co-dependency is, ?A set of maladaptive, compulsive behaviors learned by family members in... more

Author, Medical Director and Founder of the Pressman Center for Mind/Body Wellness, Clinical Professor Emeritus at Temple Medical School in Psychiatry and Chairman Emeritus of the Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia, Dr.... more

Master Therapist Jef Gazley is our special guest today as he will continue his discussion from his last visit. Looking at unhealthly attachments we have the birth of co-dependency and in this unhealthy bonding we have responses that are... more

Clinical Psychologist Dr. E. Douglass Brown will be our guest today. His statement on Co-Dependency and Addictions is this: "Substance abuse or addiction is co-dependency compounded. An addict depends almost exclusively... more

Therapist Jef Gazley willl be our special guest today. His statement on Co-Dependency is this: The definition of co-dependence is the tendency to desperately attempt to take care of other people to such an extent that the... more

John Carter is our special guest today as we start a new discussion series. He has been a substance abuse counselor for the past thirty four years in Phoenix Arizona. His statement on Co-Dependency is this: ?It is an over dependence on... more

Imam Bemjamin Bilal will join us again as he will continue his discussion on Sprituality as it relates to the Melanin development in our Chakras. He says, "Spirit only means 'influence' and if you can get control of the invisible things that... more

Imam Benjamin Bilal will be our special guest as he will continue his discussion that was started on 7/9/11. He says, "Real life is pertaining to the life of the soul, or what I have dubbed the 'breathing conscience'. It gives birth to proper... more
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