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Reconnecting to your Higher Self within. Call in phone number (347) 994-2524 - This is a personal growth program designed with your inner peace in mind. The discussions will be based on my book "Reconnected - How To Be A Mentor To Your Child-Self." This book and show discusses the means for filling the many emotional voids experienced in childhood. The messages are for those adults who want to create real internal change in their lives by addressing significant emotional events in their past which are affecting them in their present lives. I will explore on this Reconnected show, with selected guests, various aspects of personal development, parenting, spirituality and recovery which parallels the chapters in my book, and see how we can apply the messages from a variety of perspectives. Reconnected is a manual for the complete transformation of your negative experiences to positive memories, loving yourself at deep levels and creating the life you have always desired. I want to hear your feedback on the show; What is working for you and what your challenges are. Email me at nrbookclub@gmail.com. You can buy the book right now solely at this website: www.cloudsofabundance.com. It is no longer available for Kindle or Nook users.

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Clinical Psychologist and author Dr. E. Douglas Brown will be speaking on Communication & Listening Skills. He says, "The art of speaking and listening demands more than a tongue, lips and ears. Before a toddler can utter a word, a toddler can recognize the sound of a word and associates it with pleasant or unpleasant experiences. Parents should teach their children that communicating and listening is easy, fun, and exciting." What is presented to them speaks louder than their actual words. There is NO Parental bonding without good give-and-take Communication and Listening Skills.
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Author Barbara Hofmeister will join us in a rebroadcast show from Germany as she discusses Self-Esteem from her perspective. She will also speak from her book "To Be Or Not To Be - The Choice is Yours." She says that it is... more
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