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Reconnecting to your Higher Self within. Call in phone number (347) 994-2524 - This is a personal growth program designed with your inner peace in mind. The discussions will be based on my book "Reconnected - How To Be A Mentor To Your Child-Self." This book and show discusses the means for filling the many emotional voids experienced in childhood. The messages are for those adults who want to create real internal change in their lives by addressing significant emotional events in their past which are affecting them in their present lives. I will explore on this Reconnected show, with selected guests, various aspects of personal development, parenting, spirituality and recovery which parallels the chapters in my book, and see how we can apply the messages from a variety of perspectives. Reconnected is a manual for the complete transformation of your negative experiences to positive memories, loving yourself at deep levels and creating the life you have always desired. I want to hear your feedback on the show; What is working for you and what your challenges are. Email me at nrbookclub@gmail.com. You can buy the book right now at this website: www.cloudsofabundance.com. A Kindle and paperback formats are available through www.Amazon.com. A Nook version is available through www.BarnesandNoble.com

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Psychologist Dr. E. Douglass Brown will join us as our special guest speaker on this re-broadcast show by popular demand. Re: the topic today he says, "It is just as important to clean up after a storm as it is to learn how to endure a storm. Imagine what a neighborhood looks like after a storm if no one cleans up. Storm after storm, debris and wreckage just pile up. This scenario is liken to what happens when a child never or rarely sees individuals in arguments and conflicts reconcile with each other. There is no closure - no return to a sense that the world is both safe and caring. The child - now an adult - experiences repeated disagreements and disappointments, and is shackled to the view that his or her cynical negative feelings are just being "realistic" about life.
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International Spiritual Teacher, Energy Healing Master Arnaud Saint-Paul is our special guest speaker on a LIVE Reconnected Show talking about Abundance Thru Words. Arnaud says that it has been proven many times over, words... more

Author, Life Coach, Personal Development Specialist and Radio Talk-Show Host of this Reconnected Show, Nazim Rashid will read and expound from the chapter 12 Principles of Recovery(of Reconnected-How To Be A Mentor To Your... more

Author, Life Coach, Personal Development Specialist and Talk-Show Host of this Reconnected Show, Nazim Rashi will read and expound from the chapter 12 Principles of Recovery (of Reconnected-How To Be A Mentor To Your... more

Clinical Psychologist and author Dr. E.D. Brown with be our special guest on a rebroadcast show talking about Visualization. He says that "Visualization is the ability to see one self in a situation yet to unfold. It is not an external process... more

Child and Family Therapist Jef Gazley is our special guest on a LIVE show talking about Relationships-Repetition Compulsion. Repetition Compulsion happens when a person experiences a trauma that becomes stuck in their... more

Author, Life Coach, Radio Talk-Show Host of this Reconnected Show, Personal Development Specialist Nazim Rashid is speaking on a rebroadcast show speaking about Forgiveness. Forgiveness has to be incorporated before any of... more

Dr. Sheran Mattson will be our special guest speaker, an a rebroadcast show, talking about how EFT-(Energy Freedom Technique) can be used to unblock emotional areas which are preventing our future growth. EFT is an emotional... more

Child, Family and Marriage Therapist Jef Gazley will join us today, on this re-broadcast show as our special guest. Jef will talk about the terms Detachments and Dissociations. He will talk about how we can apply these concepts for... more

Clinical Psychologist and Author Dr. E. Douglass Brown is back with us on this rebroadcast show talking about Emotions and The Self. He says that emotions are as essential to a person's inner growth as eating vegetables are to staying... more

Child, Family and Marriage Therapist Midge Noble is our guest speaker on this rebroadcast show Reconnected Show. On this installment of Finding Your Inner Magnet part 2 - Home is Where Your Heart Is. Midge will discuss our connection... more
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