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My talk show covers "Real Life" situations and I talk about everyday living. Relationships, Romance, Family, Marriage, Work, Personal issues, Sex, and some days I let you talk about whatever is on your mind. I am also an author and my novel, "Fatal Fan*Ta*Sees" is available on Kindle, Nook, and Barnes& (Felice Tamara J) or you can purchase a hard copy from my website.

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In Memory of my grandmother, auntie and uncle. Are you struggling to get your diabetes under control? Do you have trouble living a normal life? Do you have diabetes and would like to share tips with others on how to live a healthy life?... more

Are you in a relationship or marriage with someone that you love dearly, but he/she gets under your skin? Does your mate make it hard for you to be around them at times? Do they do things that annoy you? Do he/she argue over the... more

I will be interviewing Jennifer Elizabeth Masters, a Self Love and Sex Coach. We will be discussing topics on how women can learn to love themselves for who and what they are in every way.

Today I will talk about whatever is on my mind. Gossip, venting, drama...wherever my thoughts take me. WARNING: LISTENING DISCRETION IS ADVISED....YOU MAY HEAR UNSUITABLE LANGUAGE....If you have to blow your top,... more

In memory of Albert and Raven Parks & Indigo Blue....Todays topic is about Cancer. The treatments, the therapies, the suffering, deaths and survivors. If you are a victim of some form of Cancer or a survivor....if you have a loved one... more

Are you in a committed relationship, engaged or married and you think of someone else while making love? Do you think about him/her to enjoy your time with your significant other? Does it drive you crazy because you can't... more

Are you HIV positive and would like to put the myths and stereotypes to rest? IF THIS IS YOU OR YOU KNOW SOMEONE, I WANT TO HEAR YOUR STORY....LET'S TALK!

Are you a father that has the "Baby Momma" curse? She won't let you see your child because she is still in love with you, jealous of your new life in a new relationship, she's using the child/children to get what she wants or are you still... more

Are you in a relationship and it's just plain old boring? Are you a woman that suffers from the non-dating syndrome? Your mate never takes you anywhere, but always want sex. Are you a man and your mate never cooks, never cleans and... more

Author Lorie Hardy will be discussing her novel, "There Are No Good Men because There Are No Good Women" and her views and outlooks on Empowerment4Life.
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