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Our Savior Has Arrived Chapter 19 The Black Man (Nation) 17 The White Race is an unusual people and their ideology is unusual. He has and was given the gift of a creative mind. To allow him to use his own ideas, the Black Man or Gods were put to sleep in order that the Wisdom of the Black Man did not interfere with what the white man is made for (to rule us under wickedness, enslavement, deceit, murder, and death for six thousand years). 18 The Black Man or gods of the Black Man are infinitely wise. They are being aroused to their Wisdom today to rule the people again throughout the ages of time. 19 The Present God’s (Master Fard Muhammad’s) Wisdom is infinite. No Scientist can see an end to This Man’s Wisdom coming in the future. That is why the Bible and the Holy Qur’an refer to Him as The Greatest and Wisest of Them All and say that He will set up a Kingdom (Civilization) that will live forever. 20 The Black Man in America is not an example of the Original Black Man; for he has been used by his slave masters for four centuries in what we call experimentation. Through the experimentation by the wicked slavemasters who were made without love or mercy for Black people, they have the Black Man in America before the world as a wrecked, robbed, and spoiled human being without knowledge of himself or anyone else. And he is used by the white man as a tool for whatever purpose the white man sees fit. 21 He is called a "Negro" by them. The name means something dead, lifeless, neutral (not that nor this). 22 They call the slave after their own names because he is the property of the slavemaster until he is redeemed -- although he is a member of the Original Black Nation. 23 To restore him back to his people, he must be re-educated to give him the knowledge of self and the knowledge of those who deprived him of the knowledge of self. 24 This

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We carry still the neglect, pain and shame, through our HEALING Sisters, we will relieve our ForeMothers and release their painful Soul. We must! We owe them that and ourselves. JOIN US! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BEAUTIFUL... more

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This subject to be discussed came from some brief encounters with so-called revolutionary Sisters, and so called Liberation Sister....ie Lesbians or man bashers! Join me as we examine the different between the two.

There are a lot of Imposters out here claiming to be the Stars of Islam. The Messenger, from Master Fard Muhammad(Allah) left the quiteria for what and whom the Stars of Islam would be. Let's Examine those Instruction. Join us... more

Easter what does it mean and what has got to do with us. The Messenger taught us (Blacks in America-so called Negroes) not to participate in any of these commercial holy-days, because they have nothing to do with 'GOD' nor of... more
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