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What is true Science? What is true Patriotism? Who is God & what does the word Sovereignty mean? The goal of Liberty 4 Us is too: unite People who are opposed to the unmoral & unconstitutional PATRIOT Acts. "Liberty 4 Us" Blog Talk Radio is about helping to empower individuals with the knowledge & enlightenment of "The Higher Mind" that is from the true spiritual self. We are a group of people promoting the proper use of "The Scientific Method" in the true Spirit of The Christ's light. Those that love liberty MUST unite as individuals to defeat tyranny.

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Interview with: Dorothy Sue - Organizer of the Los Angelos Area "March on Monsanto" To be held in: Pershing Square Los Angelos May 25th 2013.... more

Interview with Blake Watson. Author of: "Postmark 9/11 The Lost Letters that Reveal the Untold Truth" ?The story begins when a young lady finds a bundle of letters in an old farmhouse she purchased in Vermont. The letters are... more

A Message to United States Judges... Be ware of non-disclosure of treason!, the Ten Amendments are from the "Book of Life"!

Why is Hemp considerd to destructive when it has hardly any THC (can't even cure Glacoma like Marijuana does) and has so many good uses???...

To one who steadfast in the practice of Truth; to them comes the power of Healing. You become what you;: Fight. You become What you; Fear. You become what you; Serve Serve Truth & remember... The only true Sin is perposfully... more

Guest: Adam Assenberg "I used to do FM radio called Marijuana Fact or Fiction. I'm a patient as well as someone who was helping others till I got (My legal Despinsary) raided last May 4th, 2011. I have had my Pre-Trial and you would... more

The problems with Social Security & SSI from an insiders point of view! If you think that people living on Social Security & SSI are lazy do & know nothings that don't care this program might surpise you. What are the insentives that Social... more