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Emerging Corruption Radio~"Uncensored Radio meets Next Generation Journalism" Don't miss 2014 ELECTION WATCH---Rebecca Diserio, Co-Editor of EC Website and known target of the IRS & DOJ for her Conservative Activism and Richard Cameron, Writer & Editor of "Blasted Fools" website, which boasts readers in 87 Countries. . Rebecca & Richard, "inform while they entertain" and no topic is too hot,--- truly "radio for the "awakened" ECR is partnered with Anita MonCrief's Emerging Corruption website.

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J.P. Sloane explores the entire story of Easter utilizing only the Scriptures in the Old Testament. It has been said that the Old Testament is the New Testament hidden and the New Testament is the Old Testament revealed! Join J.P. Sloane... more

I had to turn off the Fluke before Congress, and then I learn to Commander in Chief gives the Fluke a call?? WOW, Brian Terry's family didn't get a call....so goes what is important around here lately. Breitbart said Politics is... more

Short broadcast to go over the Show at 8pm Pacific time SUNDAY MARCH 4th....its a WAR and we need to get what its about.....

SEE LINK FOR FURTHER INFO: http://onemoresoul.com/contraception/church-teaching-contraception-abortion/what-does-the-bible-say-about-contraception.html At what point will you stand and act? This is Berlin 1938, this is the end of... more

Join us as we discuss the Florida Primary, the Obama Administration stripping us of fundelmental rights--again. Guest Bruce Cohen, a life long Libertarian, Entrepreneuer, weighs in on the Ron Paul Campaign. Bruce, who has been... more

Join me tonight as I talk to South Carolina's GOP Spartanburg County's Chairman LaDonna Ryggs. Voted by Politico as "50 Politicos to Watch". LaDonna and I will cover all things on Election 2012, and LaDonna is our go to person in... more

Join me to recap the Primary Season...Pundits are crying "Foul" to the results of South Carolina, stating "South Carolina voted like emotional Democrats". Democratic insiders appear to be "rejoicing" at the Newt win.....so who is... more

ALERT!!! SEE video link below "Hijacking the Holy Land" Nonie Darwish Nonie Darwish who was raised in the Gaza Strip,moved to Eygpt after her Father, who lead the Fedayeen Guerilla operations against Israel, was assinated by... more

This show only taped 18 mins, kinda my "opening", but BTR will see what's up, and I will re-do this show ASAP...anyway, my 18 mins are worth a listen to hear about Israel & Obama....Man Obama has really taken it to a new level.....check... more

What the freak? I can't begin to describe how OUT OF CONTROL our dying REPUBLIC has become....PEOPLE please listen tonight, this is not a TEST this is happening, and this is the official REBEL YELL!! pass it on....its time to "Occupy... more
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