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Psych-Ops,33Degree Masons?Secret Societies? NWO?

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UPDATE!!! I am in the process of fixing the audio on this...please bear with me, thankyou!!


There are those who dismiss any talk of Secret Societies and anyone who even brings it up are "tin hat wearing loonies".  Could it be the Dems and the Repubs (not all, but many) belong to the "same team"?  Is the Tea Party a threat to those POWERS that be?

Aren't all freemasons just a Fraternal Order? What about the Vatican? Aren't they involved?  The New World Order? What exactly is that? Will it affect me? How in the heck does Global Warming abd Universal Health care tie in? 

This is an important show.  Please feel free to call in with comments or questions---- and  yea, wear that tin hat and your gas mask!!

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Psychological Warfare