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Usama-Osama? All our bogey men gone? Shiny& Violence works

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Hey look, over there!! There's a sparkly shiny 8 foot bird! Made you look.(yes, that IS MY son Joey in the pic--football All-CIF Offensive lineman) Back to the 8 dollar gas prices, obummercare--everyone gets a lollipop, you just don't get that surgery! SO GLAD Barry O was on the "watch", he bagged the Big Boy and now we LIKE him again....global warming, Ms Obama's fight against fries(now there's a real problem, I'd love to see short list of "issues" that didn't make it...killer kittens must be stopped-Obama 2012!!!) Get stupid with me, let's go to the dark side for an hour! OH, and then let's get back to work....don't miss what I think would be a dangerous undertaking....don't MISS our NATION'S latest LOVERS of "BLACK HAWK DOWN" & "GREEN BERETS"--(with John Wayne), all this time, and LOOK who LOVES black ops gunfire shoot 'um up hell yea-here are Baaarba Walters and Joy "Nuke-Um" Behar (at 3:40 look at Joy's, well JOY) I call this video clip "An Ode to Barry O, I just said (and voted) for shut-down-gitmo-no -war-ever-peace-love-no*water*boarding or surf-boarding...I did'nt mean it !! Got YOU!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zq7vAERnmKM