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Josh and Paul

Josh and Paul


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The concept of the thermonuclear weapon was first developed and tested in 1951 and wow was that an idea. While, one has never been used in war we have tested a few and they make a huge boom. But how does the thermonuclear bomb work? What is Castle Bravo? Was Tsar Bomba the biggest man made explosion in the history of the world? Hell yes, the last one is true and super badass! Have you ever set off an H bomb? Witnessed one first hand and lived to tell the tale as a disembodied spirit living in the internet? We want to hear from you.Call in and join the conversation this Sunday, June 9th, 8pm EST. Questions, comments, and concerns welcome, 424-243-9589, email us at REASON@wnyatheist.org and listen live at http://wnyatheist.org/REASON.php.