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Many critical definitions of Deism describe a watchmaker God who abandoned His creation. Many, perhaps most, Deists feel that God designed His creation with enough precision that further intervention is unnecessary. And an intervening... more

That is the question. Whether 'tis nobler to suffer the slings and arrows of the revealed religions or spend our energies trying to prevail against them. Deist faith is quite different than the Abrahamic faiths. How should we relate to... more

Deists don't proselytize. This includes our own children, or at least this is the case for Deists with whom I communicate. How do Deists and other Freethinkers raise their children with respect to God and spirituality in your community? It's... more

What does it mean to be a Deist? How will it change my life? Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, etc. have rituals and ceremonies and traditions. What do Deists talk about? What difference does Deism make? Come chat with us on... more

A review of Unified Deism on BTR in 2010. We will hit the high points and review your favorite shows and moments. Join us for UD's greatest hits on BTR. And that's not all! We hope to give you a glimpse of our vision for the future. Come... more

This is YOUR show! Just about anything (within reason) goes. As long as you treat your fellow callers respectfully, just about any subject is fair game. Well, except one. Let's leave politics out of this show. Existence of God, morality and... more

If you joined us for the October 16th show or listened to the posdcast, you know that The Deist Flow is a comprehensive and practical approach to Deist Reasoned Spirituality. Join us again on October 30th for part two. We will briefly review... more

The Deist Flow is Unified Deism's practical approach to Deist spirituality. The Flow is a way of centering ourselves and connecting with the universe. The Deist Flow concept unites East and West and gives us a path to greater awareness. The... more

Join us and our TransDeist guest, Nick Dutch, for a discussion of mysticism, both through symbolism and experiential mysticism. This will be a very different show, live from London. You may know Nick Dutch from YouTube, where he... more

Unified Deism holds three principles paramount: 1. We believe that God exists based on reflective reason, personal experience, and observation of nature. 2. We believe that fellowship, community, and mutual respect are essential... more
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