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REAL Fitness withTarik Tyler


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Relentless Energy Always Learning. This is the RAW, uncensored talk from the trainer to the stars, TARIK TYLER. Tarik is brings over TWO DECADES worth of knowledge and experience. Do you want to know what REALLY works to get the FAT OFF? Are you tired of being misled with all the various B.S. that's out there? Well here's someone with the INSIDE SCOOP who will separate FIT-FACTS from FIT-FICTION. EVERY SHOW will tackle not just the latest and greatest, but hit the CONTROVERSIAL subjects that some consider OFF-LIMITS or TABOO. This isn't some PG-RATED fitness and health show! We believe that the current state of health in America and the WORLD demands that health been examined from the SOCIAL, POLITICAL, ECONOMICAL, and often HUMOROUS impact that it has on your life. Tarik will bring a BITING WIT, a touch of the SARCASTIC, along with a healthy dose of COMMON SENSE to the game. We want our listeners to be well armed with KNOWLEDGE and EMPOWERED to make the RIGHT decisions. So its a NO-HOLDS BARRED approach to living. Think your ready for the challenge? Because as Tarik says " Life begins when you step out of your comfort zone!" Featuring incredible guests to cutting edge information, R.E.A.L. FITNESS brings to you like none other. Tarik has been featured in print and on television. Some of his most notable accomplishments have been: Shaq's Big Challenge (ABC TV 2007), Fat Free Fiancee (Style Network 2008), Style Slimdown (Style Network (2008) From Flab 2 Fab (Vh-1 2004-2005).

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Hello R.E.A.L. Family! We are finally at the last show for the summer time. and what a wild ride it has been. I've gotten to interview some incredible people and touched on a number of topics that others wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole. So... more

Hello R.E.A.L. Family! Well Summer is officially in full swing which means it's time to show off all that hard work you put in during the cooler months. So that means your host has made some plans. Yours truly is taking the Summer off to... more

Hello R.E.A.L. Family! Tonight's show is going to be a blitzkreig of thoughts and info. I had this topic on my mind for some time and I've finally decided to air out my beef. Yes I know some of you are looking at walking as a form... more

HELLO R.E.A.L. FAMILY! . We are back tonight with some INCREDIBLE special guests. If you have a spouse,lover,mate,girlfriend,boyfriend,baby-mama or baby daddy then this show is for YOU! Tonight it's all about LOVE and fitness. I'm... more

Hello R.E.A.L. Family! I have to say thanks to everyone for checking out our show . We do our best to provide you with the tools to make fitness a part of your lifestyle. That being said I always wonder why some people don't realize the very... more

Hello R.E.A.L. Family! Well we're back again this episode to share some knowledge. The difference is this time I won't be going at it by my lonesome. With me tonight are two of the TOP fitness pros (dare I say experts) in the industry.... more

What's up REAL family?! Tonight's show is going to be all about nutrition. That's right folks we are going to get to the HEART of the matter when it comes to FATLOSS! My clients,close friends and colleagues all understand that to TRULY... more

Hello R.E.A.L. family! Well this week starts my get super focused game plan. I have officially cut off watching television so that I can make this weekly show even better. Yeah I know some of you are thinking "How are you going to be... more

Hello R.E.A.L Family! It seems that the more things change, the more they stay the same. Just the other day I was confronted by a woman who was wearing a device that she swore was going to help her burn fat around her stomach. As... more
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