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Our show features teenage mom's to the billionaire dad. Covering a wide variety of topics including music, parenting, relationships, entrepreneurship and more. Topics and information that will enlighten, encourage and educate our listeners.

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Educator Karen Brown joins us to discuss effective strategies for education for students and parents. With state standardized testing fast approaching; this episode will provide much needed encouragement to students, teachers and... more

The cares of every day life and living can ware a person down that's why it's so important to live, love and laugh out loud. Today's guest is a comedian, artist and all around entertainer. With a massive YouTube following for his skits... more

In today's economic climate it's hard to find and keep a decent job. Have you ever been fired? How did that effect your ability to find a new job? Or have you obtained your dream job? What happens when you have the job you want and... more

I've often wondered whyit is that, when I am going through something; it is in those timesthat I feel most creative? Is it possible that in those times a person becomes more aligned with his/her inner being? We've all heard the expression... more

Are you a person who feels that the only way a relationship is going to work is if the other person in it does exactly what you want them to do? Then you just may be a bully.Many of us have found ourselves in the midst of... more

In today's society one can easily lose sight of his/her own beauty. Becoming wrapped up in the idealized sterotypes of beauty which causes many to see themselves as less than wonderful. Today's show is all about reminding you that... more

Tax season is fast approaching and many have already spent their refund before they've actually filed. Today let's talk tax and how to save money. Adryann and I will discuss helpful tips and tools to filing tax and saving your hard... more

What exactly is a new year resolution? So many have made vows to change just as they've done in years past. And two weeks into 2015 some have already broken their new year promises. Today we'll discuss ways to make positive... more

Have you ever wondered if your hesitation or procrastination has caused you to miss out on something that you were called to do? Let's talk about it and the reason why comfort isn't always good.

There are times in life where it seems like the people around you just don't understand. In those times we can become angry and difficult to live with. Let's explore why? By asking ourself what our role in the problem is.
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