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Real Talk consistently brings you the latest news, sports, fashion and politics.Celebrity guests - notable entertainment, corporate and political industry personalities - converge upon this exciting, entertaining, educational and global talk show -- with an exclusive insiders' prospective.

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Jerry Boutot, 11th Annual Independent Music Awards Nominee, composer and recording artist. Jerry is a one man virtual rock band with influences from many diverse artists including Rush, Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden, Kansas, Blue Oyster... more

Alan is the author of the new memoir The Horse Lover: A Cowboy's Quest to Save the Wild Mustangs. He also co-authored with his sister Sandra Day O'Connor the New York Times bestselling Lazy B, their memoir about growing... more

Julia is back home in Maine and is excited about the opportunity to continue her outreach to Maine high school students about the importance of responsibility and good decision making. She has reached more than 9,000 high school... more

Harriet Tramer is author of Racing To Heaven The horses in this book go galloping through the pages, as they display great athleticism. But do they really leap over fences that are treacherously high or race at breakneck speed... more

Michael Drake is Director Of Special Projects for Mezco Toyz, the makers of the popular Living Dead Dolls. This is the 16th anniversary of the Living Dead Dolls (we just received a world record!) and as part of the birthday celebration... more

Krystal Couture, Founding Facilitator of Pure Fin Services Limited is passionate about connecting people with dolphins. As a child, she was willingly touched and targeted by dolphins she encountered. She has spent her life seeking a deeper... more

In 2005, Sean Breed started Selym Records and released a multitude of Independent singles, one of which entitled "Take A Picture" became an instant hit. The tracks music video has close to a million views to date. For the past year... more

Gordon Bushell started his career as a copywriter and quickly climbed the ladder of success becoming a real life ?Mad Men? as the top executive and chairman of a major New York Advertising Agency. Gordon lives in Boca Raton, Florida,... more

Arthur Faram just published a new book titled "La Merica" The book explains a recently discovered ancient science that has been in use for over 26,000 years to outline the territories of civilizations around the world. Through the use of this... more
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