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Los Angeles' Event Producer LaTonya Washington, along with the "Philosopher" Tshombe Tshanti, Co-Host Real Talk the Movement Nationwide! It also is well encapsulated by Consultant and Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Monica. Be a part of our chat room and "chat it up" on the subject matter with Juacclyn Nikol and Chrystal Flanders; it goes down...in a good way! Real Talk the Movement is all about relationships between the genders and how we relate to one another. Real Talk the Movement Los Angeles started in February 2010 at the Tanzore in Beverly Hills after an interesting conversation between LaTonya and a gentleman at the Baldwin Hills Mall who said "African-American women are too difficult and simply don't understand us as African-American men." So instead of me twisting my neck and twirling my finger, I felt a need for us to come together and discuss how we can dismiss the myths, get along and communicate more effectively with one another. It has been going strong ever since. We know relationships can be difficult but with the right perspective, communication and openess, they can work and work well! It makes for a strong community! Join us Tuesday Nights, 7:30 PM PST for interesting conversation, objective interaction and on point solutions to what ails you! Visit us for more details at https://www.facebook.com/RealTalkTheMovement?ref=hl Real Talk the Movement appreciates the support of its listeners. If you're looking to promote your business, book or product, consider being a sponsor of Real Talk the Movement. Inbox us at latonya@latonyawashington.com. *Intro music copyright by Dr. Charsie Sawyer *duplication subject to penalty

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We just experienced the Oscar's last week and saw so many smiles, hugs and kisses amongst couples. Couples in love, couples on their way to love and friends just being with friends. I look back at Denzel and Pauletta Washington, how... more

In life, there are many lessons we will learn. During some of those lessons, we will become frustrated, hurt, saddened, thoughtful and hopefully grow. The most important lessons seem to be those that frustrate or hurt us the most. In those,... more

In lieu of it being Black History Month, we are going to face the elephant in the room! Do black women tear each other down? It amazes me as to when I hear of someone's success, there are others who find the slightest crevice to tear it... more

The older you become, the more apt you will run into "potentials" who have children. The question is, would you be willing to date someone with kids? The reality! When people have children, those children will require time, it's a must.... more

We hear about sticking together, looking out for one another and embracing the concept of ?Black love." Why is this so important to us? Noted in Essence Magazine. When it comes to African-Americans, it is mentioned that love is a... more

Why do men say a good woman is hard to find? Could it be they are looking for a mother, a stay-at-home wife, a woman who is so submissive that she can't think for herself? You tell me? What is their definition of a good woman? Is a... more

We've seen it time and time again on the television screen, heard it on the radio or through the grapevine that a leader or Pastor has gotten caught up in a scandal, their little secrets have come out the closet or they've been caught in a... more

"Man, I saw him, he spoke to me and I got chills up and down my spine plus my stomach was doing flips!." What does it mean? Michael Jackson said in his song..."you give me butterflies"!! What about those people who say "when I first... more

We've all experienced them or have been them ourselves. Serial daters don't necessarily see things long term, but week to week, or as the term goes... "we're just kicking it for now and I date other people...you okay with that?"... more

We work 10 to 12 hour days, receive endless e-mails and texts throughout the day and evening. The you know we are working on stuff over the weekend. The pressure of doing the work to stay relevant in the career and wanting a lasting... more
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