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3 Women from different walks of life who will discuss real life issues through our experiences, failures and growth. It is our goal to not only share our lives and opinions with you but to welcome the opinions of others, in hopes to inspire, empower and connect.

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The decision making process can be difficult to some while second nature for others. Join us as we discuss stategies on how to make better choices. Also we uncover the root on why some people are unable to make sound judgements.... more

He cheated...she cheated. She's right and he's wrong. We validate one and condemn the other. Infidelity IS what it is. The sooner we view infidelity as the same no matter who is guilty the sooner we can overcome it. Are can we??

Who said marriage had one mold? Marriages are a reflection of a couples union and life song. So how can they all be alike? What works for your marriage may not work for mine. There are some basic fundamentals that must... more

How important would it be for our natural born leaders to band together in unity? Strong men on a mission and making a difference in this world. One could change a block or community...but a nation of responsible, uplifting, and positive... more

How exciting is sex when it comes to the foreplay, orgasms and being sexually satisfied? What are some of the issues or causes leading to infidelity and the stresses of sex?

How can we truly judge what is sinful when we are not concrete on what sin is? There are basic commandments that everyone agrees is wrong but then we are left we a lot of grey areas. Paul said everybody needs to work out their own... more

When you take on the role of christianity you assume responsibilites that you may know of or not. There are certain standards that are expected of you that normally would not be a factor had you not taken on this role or title.... more

What is a mother's love? When does the love from a mother begins? What is the power of a mother's love? A mother possess so many attributes, characteristics and abilities for the sake of her family. Author/Film Maker Carolyn Alexander is... more

The devil has deceived us women too long in thinking that we are each others competition. I am my sisters keeper. Herfamily and husband are safe around me. I seek no ill will of any woman for she is my sister. This mindset doesn't happen... more