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Domestic Violence A New Wave Of Participants...Will It Ever End?

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You’re sitting quietly at home – waiting, again, for your husband or boyfriend to come through those doors.  Hopefully tonight he’ll come home before 3:00am and maybe he’ll even be sober. But alas, it’s 3:30am and you’re still awake lying in bed when the headlights finally illuminate the back yard. By this time you’re beyond frustrated and angry, again. But this time you decide that tonight will be the night you will leave for good!  As he walks into the bedroom, the smell of alcohol fills the air. “Hey are you awake?”,his words slurred and thick with drunkenness. You do not respond even though you are awake you don’t give him the satisfaction of knowing that his behavior has disrupted your peace. “I know you hear me. Get up. I want to talk to you.” He continues as his voice grows more and more insistent and more agitated with your non responsiveness. “Yes, I hear you, you idiot, I just don’t have anything to say to you” you finally blurt out.  Why did you say that? “Idiot” is all he heard and it is enough to trigger the monster that lives within him as he grabs you by your hair, drags you out of the bed and slams you against the wall two months later it’s the same situation all over again except this time instead of slamming you against the wall he almost puts you through the wall. You promised yourself that you were going to leave, why did you stay?

Statistics show that domestic violence is a more common occurrence than society acknowledges. The Real Talk Live 216 team will venture into the world of domestic violence as counselors from the City of Cleveland’s Domestic Intervention Education & Training program spend some time helping us understand this tragic phenomenon.Tune in this Sat 7:30pm EST.Call 646-929-0243 to speak with us