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A motivational show brought to you by Michaella Lyanne Teresa Candelaria Guerrero & Mark Dunn- STRAIGHT UP HEARTFELT INSPIRATION DONE RIGHT

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Many people say they have a dream yet most people really do not want to take a risk going after it. What they fail to realize is during the process of realizing a dream there is the possibilty of rejection, being told no, and making mistakes.... more

Why "be you"? Why should we "know thy self"? Life is a journey that requires each and everyone of us to be who we are created to be without allowing others to dictate or force us to be something we are not. When we don't know who... more

It's been said that from the moment we are born we are preparing to die. Most people today however, are already dead inside and are just waiting to make it official. People who die in this manner are the ones who allowed unnecessary... more

Not all things in life require speed. More importantly speed is based on your ability and skill set to do it well. Your individual ability is based on knowing who you are, what works for you & not allowing time to be your enemy but your best friend.... more

In life we can either make decisions for ourselves or allow others to make them for us. Putting our individual self first is very important to our mental and emotional development. If we are not stable internally, the external world... more

The journey of life should never be a rushed process. Life requires or teaches us rather- on how to be patient and to go with the flow while helping us grow into who we are destined to be. Most people hurry through life because they are... more

We have all had dreams to aspire to. Dreams keep us moving up towards something which can also have a lasting impact on our lives. We often lose sight of our dreams when we allow others or a situation to conflict with our heart's... more

We all have one life to live with a specific purpose. Our parents first created us and then invested in us in order to continue a legacy or build a new legacy. This all contributes to our ROI (Return On Investment). It is our duty and obligation... more

Battle scars are sexy. They're a reminder that we're still alive. These scars are proof of fighting for something great because nothing great in life comes easy. Why is it better to have our scars than running away from life's battles?... more

Spring is here and it's time to move forward! With every season comes change and spring definitely brings to mind a time to "clean house". The "spring cleaning" we are referring to today is the cleaning of the individual in "The Garden... more