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We're here to Encourage, Enlighten and Empower Men and Women to live out their God given purpose & destiny. When YOU Are BETTER, WE Are BETTER Peace & Blessings! Chris & Rin

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Join Host-Chris Richardson and Co-Host Lorinda "Rin" Reddie for another great discussion on "The 5 Stages of a Relationship - Part 2 Continued - The Power Struggle". •Why Can't He/She Accept Me for Who I Am? •Am I Living in a Fantasy? Why Can't They See What I See? •Why Does Everything Have to Lead to a Debate or an Argument? •If I Compromise Today Will it Hurt Me Tomorrow? •If I Bring Down My Guard Will They Step on My Feelings and Disregard My Emotions? Or, am I Just Allowing my Past to Haunt my Future? •Am I Turning into a Serial Dater? •When Do Biblical Principles Come into Play?
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This show is all for the LADIES. Over the past 4 weeks we've heard from a variety of the ladies from their perspective of the ESSENCE of a strong woman. Now it's time to hear from the men. What do men think makes a woman strong?... more

The ESSENCE of a Strong Woman - The FINALE Here from three women how they overcame challenges, changes and obstacles to connect with their destiny and find the essence of their strength. On this episode we will discuss dating,... more

Learn how to move out of SURVIVING to THRIVING. Get your FREE E-ticket when you register here: http://bit.ly/15g2hYD Guest Panel: Tina Gross Jones Robin Jackson focuses in on what makes her happy and give a sense of... more

What is the ESSENCE of a STRONG woman? Learn how to move out of SURVIVING to THRIVING. Guest Panel: Nikki Curry – International Speaker, Brand Strategist, Publicist and Accountability Coach –….... more

Find out how these ladies overcame challenges from depression, molestation and abuse. Guest panel: Teresa Knowles has a passion for mentoring young girls and strives to empower them by teaching them biblical roles models in the bible like... more

Over the next 5 weeks I will spotlight a number of women as they discuss, not only their journey but what the ESSENCE of a strong woman really is. The first show is subtitled: Game Changers Guest Panel: DR. PAMELA LOVE MANNING... more

Join me and my very special guest DeBora Ricks, Author and Coach . DeBora jokingly calls herself a "Recovering Attorney," because she abandoned the practice of law to write and edit books. She is now known as the ?Write or Die... more

Previously Broadcast - with Special Guest Denyce Gartrell, Jasmine O'day, Kendale Smith, Trevor Otts & Che Brown The things that will make you say, hmmm when it comes to women pursuing men. Find out what my guest panel... more

The Psychology of a Man - What Women WANT to Know Pt. 5 (Fatherhood) Guest panel: Rickey Jasper was born on 28 July 1963 in Parkdale, Arkansas. Graduating valedictorian, he has earned a Bachelor of Sciens (BS) degree in... more

This is a previously recorded broadcast. Special guest Mary Cox (My Momma) :-) Be Blessed