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well fans of the wwe guess what we got again,you know already JOHN FUCKING CENA.dont forget that pole smoker MICHAEL COLE,sucking his cock the whole match.vince and cena are fuck buddies,why else would he keep winning the... more

on this episode i will talk about how and why believers secretly want the end of all things to come in our lifetime.why do they want it so bad,and why do they hide this from the outside world.

i will be talking about how the world would not change a bit if we just forget about god and religion.believers think we will fall into chaos without god,i dont agree.

in this episode i talk about the fight between real and unreal,and why the two cannot co-exist.also i will show how and why man creates so many gods.

i will explore the reason why believers dislike free thinkers,and choose to be lead and controlled by their faith.pagens and non-believers are under attack by most religions,because free thought is not allowed by the chruch.does it scare... more

i wanna ask the basic question to all believers,if you have faith why do you insist on trying to prove god is real.your supposed to believe in him with or without proof.i will give my take on why believers feel the need to prove this fairytale.

welcome to the new totaltakedown,im sick of politics time to get nasty about god.i am anti-god and religion,someone has to speak to reason.i will point out what i believe about this fake holy if your saved you will hate my new show.
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