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This is relationship radio at its best! Michael and the team take on topics, which few are willing to tackle. The conversation will be Real, Relevant, and Raw.

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Approximately one week ago, a seven year-old child, Kamari, was killed in his home in Wilson, North Carolina. His brutal killer has yet to be found. We must bring him to justice. We're going to devote the entire show to discussing his life, his death, and the efforts being made to find his killer. We are going to interview members of his family. Please help us to find his killer by calling hin with any information, you may have. Let us not allow this innocent child to have died in vain.
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The fact is, if you have an Ex and you have children, you still have to parent with him or her. It can be challenging, downright difficult. Yet, it must be done. How do you navigate these sometimes difficult and challenging waters? How do we get... more

So, here we have it: Those of us, who have "made it," have the unwelcomed responsibility of taking care of our dysfunctional family members. The assumptionn is that we don't have responsibilities also. Let's talk about it. How... more

Check us out this Monday as we feature "The Candy Girl of Comedy," Amirah Ryans. Amirah will bring her own unique spin on the topics of the day. She will keep all things funny, intelligent and, as always, Real, Relevant, and Raw!!

The reality is that women cheat, too. What makes them cheat? What can you do about it? Can you prevent a woman from cheating? Find out the answers to all of these questions when you tune into this rebroadcast of one of our most popular... more

Make no mistake about it: WE have challenges, too! From woman who want an open relationship,while maintaining a "good man" at home; women, who have more baggage than a Samsonite factory; women, who have children... more

Ladies, what challenges do you face as you seek to date? Are there not enough "good" men around? Are the men you are meeting afraid of commitment? Have you been hurt and are, as a result, afraid to trust? We invite YOU to call in and... more

In the world of dating, we may find ourselves attracted to someone, who does not have the same educational or socioeconomic level as we do. We are faced with a decision, "Do I or don't I?" Don't what? Date "beneath" us. Let's name the... more

Let's face it: Both men and women cheat. As quiet as it's kept, it is said that women are better cheaters than men! Whether men or women, cheating is a problem. At its center is a commitment to dishonesty and deception. We at... more

We're returning LIVE on Monday, June 2, 2014!! We are returning to the air with a show, that is sure to make you take sides. Some believe that ALL men cheat. What do you think? Do all men cheat? If so, why do we cheat? Is there anything... more

I believe that it was Jill Scott who created the word, "D*ck-Ma-Tized" in an article I read in Jet magazine. To me, "D*ck-Ma-Tized" describes the deleterious effect that overwhelming sex can have on the woman...or the man. What does it... more