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This is relationship radio at its best! Michael and the team take on topics, which few are willing to tackle. The conversation will be Real, Relevant, and Raw.

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Let's put it out there: Do men and women use sex to get what we want? We're going to talk about it! Listen in at 646-716-7031 or click on the link Monday night. Michael, Amirah, and our guest callers hold nothing back when we talk about the issues, that matter most!!
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During last week's show, Amirah and I established that truth-telling should be part of any relationship. Yet, it's harder to tell the truth than one may think, upon first consideration. Even though truth-telling among all men is an issue, we are... more

Do African American women really want to hear the truth? When it comes to the truth about US, I respond with a resounding , ?Yes!? They want to know if we're cheating or not; they want to know if we're employed; whether or not we have... more

We are pre-empting our regularly-scheduled show tonight to talk about the killing of Michael Brown, the young African American man killed by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. I'm tired of watching our young men killed -- unjustified -... more

Even in 2014, women still must fight for equality in the workplace. For instance, women make approximately .$.72 for every dollar that a man makes. Overwhelmingly, women are under-represented in senior management ranks as... more

The fact is, if you have an Ex and you have children, you still have to parent with him or her. It can be challenging, downright difficult. Yet, it must be done. How do you navigate these sometimes difficult and challenging waters? How do we get... more

So, here we have it: Those of us, who have "made it," have the unwelcomed responsibility of taking care of our dysfunctional family members. The assumptionn is that we don't have responsibilities also. Let's talk about it. How... more

Check us out this Monday as we feature "The Candy Girl of Comedy," Amirah Ryans. Amirah will bring her own unique spin on the topics of the day. She will keep all things funny, intelligent and, as always, Real, Relevant, and Raw!!

The reality is that women cheat, too. What makes them cheat? What can you do about it? Can you prevent a woman from cheating? Find out the answers to all of these questions when you tune into this rebroadcast of one of our most popular... more

Make no mistake about it: WE have challenges, too! From woman who want an open relationship,while maintaining a "good man" at home; women, who have more baggage than a Samsonite factory; women, who have children... more

Ladies, what challenges do you face as you seek to date? Are there not enough "good" men around? Are the men you are meeting afraid of commitment? Have you been hurt and are, as a result, afraid to trust? We invite YOU to call in and... more