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This is relationship radio at its best! Michael and the team take on topics, which few are willing to tackle. The conversation will be Real, Relevant, and Raw.

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Hi, Real, Relevant, and Raw family! I want to share something for your consideration: Before you can have the relationship you desire, you have got to find it. It doesn't matter the type of relationship you are searching for: dating,... more

According to a TIME/Pew research poll released last week, 40 percent of Americans believe that marriage is becoming obsolete, up from just 28 percent in 1978. Why do some people believe that marriage is becoming a... more

In her book, The Truth About Great Marriages, Dr. Robin Smith states that, among other keys to a successful marriage, two people must show up as grownups. Show Up as a Grownup. Interesting. What does it mean to "show up as a... more

What happens when everything goes wrong in your relationship? Think about it: The communications stops or is very conflictual; the sex becomes dissatisfying or non-existent; you're having financial problems, either individually or collectively.... more

There are people, who will use anything to get what they want...including sex. Let's not deny it; let's be honest. How far are you willing to go to get what you want? Listen in to one of our most popular broadcasts. -- Michael and Amirah.

Where are YOU in your relationship? Are you in the Romance Stage, the Power Struggle Stage, or the Stability Stage? Does your relationship show that you are in the Commitment or the Co-Creation Stage? Keep it real: Did you even... more

It is said that the things that we did to get our significant others and spouses are the same things we need to do to keep them. How many of us have stopped doing what we used to do? How have our relationships suffered as a... more

Let's put it out there: Do men and women use sex to get what we want? We're going to talk about it! Listen in at 646-716-7031 or click on the link Monday night. Michael, Amirah, and our guest callers hold nothing back when we talk about the... more

During last week's show, Amirah and I established that truth-telling should be part of any relationship. Yet, it's harder to tell the truth than one may think, upon first consideration. Even though truth-telling among all men is an issue, we are... more

Do African American women really want to hear the truth? When it comes to the truth about US, I respond with a resounding , ?Yes!? They want to know if we're cheating or not; they want to know if we're employed; whether or not we have... more