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Realms of the Paranormal

Realms of the Paranormal


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Join me and speak your mind on topics such as Paranormal activity (with the occasional paranormal investigations) Psychic Vampirism, UFO Sightings, Encounters, Contact, Abduction, Theology, Demonology, Spirituality, Parapsychology and whatever else is haunting you! Skype me at: realms_of_the_paranormal Email me at: realmsoftheparanormal@gmail.com YouTube me at: youtube.com/realmsoftheparanormal

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Demons can easily possess a hate-full heart because hatred does not care about right or wrong, justice or truth. Hatred is blind. If possible, it would seek more than death can offer! ~Larry W. Wilson I personally believe that the closer we get to... more

Planet Nibiru also known as "PLANET X" is said to pass our Earth by August 2015! There are many speculations on this controversial topic! Scientist admits it and the government denies it! Will the President announce the truth? President... more

Hear the testimony of Peter Hockley who grew up in a household without religion. Dissatisfied with life and unable to find any lasting happiness in the world around him, his emptiness led to a search for spiritual meaning. At the age... more

This is how you know you are God's Warrior in Training (The Chosen One) * Have you ever risked your life to save another and received no recognition because they could not remember? * You could have been killed yourself but... more

"The heart is deceitful ABOVE ALL THINGS, and desperately wicked: who can know it?" (Jer. 17:9) Can a Christian be demon possessed? Many Christians believe that the answer to this daunting question is NO; however, where in the... more

Great show tonight No callers! * UFO/Paranormal Activity News * Music * Shout Outs * Scripture * Fundraiser at Hammock State Park "You are not alone!" "Let me light your way!" "Please enjoy the ride!" ~Syndi Lumina

True Love, true beliefs and true blue hard facts! The Truth is out there and YOU are NOT ALONE! So let me light your way, here on Realms of the Paranormal. Happy Valentines's Day World! * UFO News * Romancing the Spirit- Can you... more

Schedule * Top News Today January 2015: Second Earth? 600 light years aways, Strange Sounds from the Sky 2015 * Shout Outs: God, Mom & Dad, Facebook Familiy & Friends, Brother & Sister BTR: Dennis Dyche the "Dream Master",... more

Ever hear a whisper in your ear or your name being called from a distance? Have you experienced voices in you life or an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon)? Many ordinary day to day indidviduals have experienced these... more