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Realms of the Paranormal

Realms of the Paranormal


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Join me and speak your mind on topics such as Paranormal activity (with the occasional paranormal investigations) Psychic Vampirism, UFO Sightings, Encounters, Contact, Abduction, Theology, Demonology, Spirituality, Parapsychology and whatever else is haunting you! Skype me at: realms_of_the_paranormal Email me at: realmsoftheparanormal@gmail.com YouTube me at: youtube.com/realmsoftheparanormal

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Sometimes in life we get lost in the darkness and can not find our way out. Who will you turn to when it happens to you? God, Mother Universe, Guardian Angels, Lucifer or yourself? Often, I sink within myself and realize the contemplations of... more

During my research I came across R.G. Teets writing claiming that he could distinguish the difference between demon possession and alien abduction. Although he states he can not determine for certain that his findings are legit I... more

PARANORMAL PHENOMENA / VOICE IN PILLOW By Expert: Adam Cornelison (2011) "I hear a voice in my pillow...(Shawn, 2011). "That is something tormenting you...mayor cause for concern..(Conelison, 2011). What you all read is actual... more

Ever awaken with bruises or hand marks on your body and do not know where they're from? Many individuals ignore these signs of spiritual atacks untl it's too late to do something about it. Will you be a victim or a fighter? I have... more

Come get your delicous all beef hotdogs and sausages for the holidays or order a spectacular plate of Oxtail with rice, collard greens and corn bread. Either way you will be eating the best homemade food in Highland's County made... more

And so...where do we go from here? "When Light Meets Dark" is my most controversial episode thus far.. Can you choose a side and do you already know what side you're on? Inquiring minds NEED to know. Join me for a sneak peak... more

Freemasonry is Incompatible with Christianity! By Steve Keohane USN (Ret.) @ bibleprobe.com Freemasonry's syncretistic view of God In Freemasonry the god of the secret societies is covertly substituted for the One True God. This... more

Often, when most people pray they feel a sensation of peace and happiness. Other times, there are Christians or believers otherwise people of faith who experience another sense of energy which is negative as well as frightening. In... more

There are many eye witness reports of UFOs all around the world. Here are a few I have gather together. They are known to make appearances on this very night, 4th of July. Will there be any interesting sitings tonight? Let us hope and I... more