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Real Men Speak is a radio talk show design to stimulate conversation within our community and amongst men and women and especially the younger generation. The show is designed again to stimulate conversation to help to change the way things are being developed and executed. I've learned that the only way things will change is if we come up with new ways of thinking and doing. So what I'm asking is that you the listening audience, You my friends and family, You my Colleagues come and join this movement to help make things better. The real man speak radio show is full of different ways to help create options for both our young men and men in general as well as the family. It takes a village to raise a standard for change The real men speak radio show does not have a topic of discussion, we want to have open dialogue conversation with you about the matters of the heart , and how to change the events that are taking place. I need each and every one to become a player in the game and voice your opinions and your concerns so that our young listeners can hear the love that's coming from concerned people like ourselves. Myself and Real men speak cannot Change this on our own We are just one voice one voice.Please get involved
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This week On Real Men Speak, we want to continue with the open dialog and just talk about issues that help men grow and change. So if you're about growth and development in other words change then join us in this conversation, you're... more

Tonight on Real Men Speak, We want to have open dialogue, I need our listening audience to call in and talk about any concerns, issues and questions as well as any general statements. There's enough going on in the world today in... more

This Week on Real Men Speak, this is our last part of our four-part series on Man And His Family. This has been a exciting series teaching us what a man does in and for his family. We as men need to learn as much as we can about how to... more

This week On the Real Men Speak, We are going to continue with this four-part series of Man and His Family. This is the third installment "And this series is hot ". Remember you want to grab a pen and paper and take notes of this great... more

This Week on Real Men Speak, we are going to continue with the series, Man and His Family. We are looking at ways to be better as a man, with our families and ourselves. The series will help us with that. We need to understand... more

We Are Back, the radio talk show Real Man Speak Is back. And do we have the kickoff show for you. Now that the summer is over and it is business as usual, we want to start the show off Like this. Our show was based on options made... more

This Week on Real Men Speak, let's just have open dialogue and lets just talk about getting the job done. As men we need to find ways to encourage each other in getting the job done. What job are you engaged in that is in need of... more

This Week on Real Men Speak, let's have the discussion about the role, responsibilities and the characteristics of Manhood . This is how we do it and no it's not that lyric's to the song. It is the study of what and how a man should... more

This week On Real Men Speak, our discussion will be about the term Old Head. Is the term used to show love, honor and respect. Is it used in a term that as an older man can you understand the meaning. Is it a turn on or a turn off ? So I... more

This Week on Real Men Speak, we want to talk about What the Standard is. In life there are standards that are created to help us be successful, there are standards in life that help us to be present and to be a part of and there are... more